Posted in July 2012

This is REALLY happening!

Okay…..I just have to have a private giggle.  Hey Jodi, I made the newspaper!  This is real confirmation that we have actually embarked on what some say is an impossible goal.  At first, I just may have agreed.  But, with support from my sole sister and family, I am starting to consistently train and my mileage … Continue reading

Running through the “Mommy Guilt”

I never thought I would be a runner but, after having kids and focusing solely on them, I realized that I was neglecting myself and not setting the best example for them. They deserved better, and so did I. I decided to make a dramatic change. I am a busy, working mom of two and … Continue reading

Earning our Tiaras

Alana: Okay – like, I love your posts about running and am so inspired – I need to move my butt! Me: If you want some real inspiration, google Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon!  I am totally thinking of planning our next vacation around this event. Wanna come?!?! We can dress up and win medals! After I … Continue reading

The Night Before the Race

Tomorrow or rather in 5 1/2 hours, I will make the trip with my family in tow, to I RAN GAN where I will meet up with my sole mate, Jodi, and her family.  This marks our fourth race together.  To date, I have completed a 5 km, 4km and my first 10 km only … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello world!

February 2012, fate intervened reconnecting two friends and sending them on a journey of a lifetime.   Just like a kiss to a toad, these women set a year long to transform their lives through running.  Specifically, these Princesses aim to complete Disney’s Princess Half Marathon in February 2013.  This blog chronicles the journey from mothers to Princesses on … Continue reading