The Night Before the Race

Tomorrow or rather in 5 1/2 hours, I will make the trip with my family in tow, to I RAN GAN where I will meet up with my sole mate, Jodi, and her family.  This marks our fourth race together.  To date, I have completed a 5 km, 4km and my first 10 km only 3 weeks ago.  You must understand that this in itself is a tremendous accomplishment.

Tomorrow, our goal is to complete a 10 km.  I wish the chatter of our pre race phone calls could be posted – or maybe there is a reason why they aren’t!  Our jitters, fears, goals are traded with as much anticipation and excitement as the first draft pick. However, tonight we find that we are not in the best shape. Jodi might be trading in her Princess tiara for a Pirate’s patch (eye infection?). And I, with a missing crown and the symptoms of food poisoning, get ready to run another race towards the Castle!

Princess Alana

One thought on “The Night Before the Race

  1. Well we ran GAN! What we learned today was that if you feel unwell before the race, you will feel unwell durinng the race!
    Despite a late start, intense heat and illness, the Princesses completed another race to the Castle!
    Jodi traded in her tiara for a pirate eye patch but ran a sub 60 min 10km . Alana unfortunately realized that running and food poisioning don’t go together……at the 3km mark and settled for a 38min 5km.
    Goal#1 Back to training consistently
    Goal#2 Let’s get healthy first!

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