A Family Affair

After missing my 5:30 a.m. alarm – (hey it happens, right?), I was so discouraged at the thought of missing my run.  And then something really special happened, running really became a family affair.

The four of us set out (2 in a stroller) and completed 3 km. Pushing 175 lb was a great upper body workout, but I really think it should count as more km!  Then, dh and I each took a turn completing another 2km, while the kiddies played at the park.  It was fun running as a family.  Our oldest daughter (3 1/2) even ran with Mommy!  She is currently training for her own race with Belle to the Castle! Dh is training for his own race: Tough Mudder.  (Pushing that stroller and dodging water bottles, hats, toys, shoes is an obstacle in and of itself.) Our youngest was happy to come for the ride and acted as our portable water station. But, she did do a post workout at the park! She too is signed up to do the Diaper Dash at Disney!

What a wonderful morning at the park spending quality time together as a family and modeling the importance of daily physical activity.  It was priceless!  How do you balance running with family and the chaos of life?

Princess Alana

4 thoughts on “A Family Affair

  1. That was a great pleasure to read various posts here, as well as a fantastic opportunity to get a new knowledge. There is no doubt, your blog is the most exciting and breath-taking one I have visited for the past weeks.

  2. Great job!! I love reading your blog. I can relate to both of you. I was never a runner and started in 2010. I will be 40 2 days after the Princess half, so I decided that should be a goal.

    I usually get up at 5:30 to train around my family. I also have started to plan a run to breakfast for my long runs. I will map out my mileage and have DD and DH meet me at the end for breakfast.

    See you at the Half next year!!!

    • I love your idea of running to breakfast. I so need a goal to stay motivated. I am just not one of those “just because” type of people. I wish! I too have to admit that starting something like running in races at the age of 35 was a wee bit intimidating. I have to say I love that rush that competition brings! I thought that with having children that part of life was passed. Balancing family and running is so very tricky! Missed my 5:30am alarm after staying up all night with the little one! Did 30 min elliptical so far during nap time – I guess that is what I learned…….motherhood, life, running is all about being flexible. Thanks for your comment!

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