Run Like a Kid (Race Report)

As we have embarked on our Race to the Castle, we have involved our daughters (four of them between us) as much as we can. We have both struggled with our weight at some point, and fallen victim to the nasty toll that takes on your body image. That is why we are both so motivated to model healthy behaviour, and show our girls that being strong and active is not only the right choice to make, but a FUN one. They have been thrilled to follow us to races, cheering us on all the way and, recently, they have started to take an interest in running too. They will be running with us at the Princess Half-Marathon Weekend in the Kids’ Races – and this weekend they moved from supporting players at our races to the stars of their very own event!

A local toy store hosted a Kids’ “Try-Athalon” followed by a Victory Brunch for the athletes with special guests, Belle and Batman. This seemed like the PERFECT warm-up for their racing season en route to Disney World, and the princess/superhero combo was the perfect tag-team for my little princess and cool-as-anything tomboy. I eagerly signed them up as soon as I heard about this event and, of course, Alana was immediately on board to involve her girls as well. So, as all of our race days now go, we were up bright and early and ready to run!

A new generation on the run!

As an ode to Belle, our little princesses were modeling tiaras and sashes that read “The Race to the Castle” while my tomboy was sporting a Dark Knight tee sure to please Batman. Once we reached the race site, the kids registered, participated in a group warm-up, listened to their race instructions and were off!

Ready, set, go!

To thunderous applause and steady cheers through the entire course, it was so much fun to see all of these kids running their little hearts out. Do you ever feel like that when you run? Like there is nowhere else you would rather be, like you are flying across the pavement? I have those moments some days – but it is safe to say that pretty much every run is like that for kids. Maybe in our quest to run like princesses, we should just try to run like children!

No Garmins, iPods or pace calculators needed

Every race has a finish line and this one certainly had its own happily ever after, as every child was presented a medal as they stood atop the podium to enthusiastic applause. They all got to have an Olympic moment of their very own.

All of that excitement was followed by brunch with the celebrity princess and superhero of the day, which was magical to watch. Our little princesses were all too excited to tell Belle that they are training to race with her at Disney World. And my tomboy, who placed 3rd overall, bonded with Batman and beamed at her accomplishment. This day was, quite simply, exactly why we run.

They did it!

We have always said that our journey to the Castle is not just about one race. It is about every step that takes us there. Today, they were little steps. Kid-sized steps that only covered a city block. And yet they got us closer to the Castle than any other race we have done so far.

~Princess Jodi

9 thoughts on “Run Like a Kid (Race Report)

    • Thank you! It’s so much fun to “pass it on”. Although we were conscious of the message we were sending to them by goal-setting and running, it was such an unexpected bonus when they decided to start running too. Really reminds us how much influence we have as moms…they are paying attention to everything!

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