Music Makes a Difference!

Until I started running, I never realized the transformational powers of a good play list.  Now, it seems to me to be split whether a runner adorns a nano or ipod amongst some of the technical gadgets.  For me, I could not run without a dynamic beat driving me towards the finish line.  And, to that person  at the beginning of Beat Beethoven, who made a comment  about real runners don’t listen to music, I absolutely disagree. I believe listening to music is a personal choice just like wearing spandex! 

And yet even Dr. Oz agrees that science research does support the idea that “exercise motivation has repeatedly proven the benefits of listening to music during exercise.” Read on in his blog to learn more.

Mind Over Matter: My Music Workout by Dr. Oz

For me, there is a particular song, Pumped Up Kicks,  that I have uploaded at the start, 4km, 8km and last km. I don’t now why or how, but as soon as I hear this particular song, my body ignores any negative thoughts and literally propels itself towards the finish line.  I actually repeated this song 5 times during one particular challenging race. 

What is the must have song on your play list?

Princess Alana

4 thoughts on “Music Makes a Difference!

  1. So funny you bring this up. I never realized the impact music had on my running until yesterday when my trainer decided we’d go running. Usually he tells me beforehand so I make sure to charge my iPhone and bring my armband and headphones–but nope, yesterday was a complete surprise run. I had nothing to distract me, and completely focused on my breathing. This was fine at first, but after the first mile I felt more tired than usual because I think I was focusing too much on how bored I was.

    As for power songs, mine is definitely Waka Flocka Flame’s Snake in the Grass. Love rap when I run! 🙂

  2. one of my most recent faves is owl city and carly rae jepson “it’s always a good time” anything poppy and ridiculous gets me moving!! SPA LOVE

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