Does life ever get in the way of your training plan? Well, mine does and in fact, quite frequently.  Ever catch a summer cold that attempts to completely shut down all systems and makes you utterly useless?  After my last 5 km race, I was determined to be more consistent with my three runs a week.  I was making progress with being consistent until about a week and a half ago.  A sore throat turned cold totally kyboshed my training plan.  After about 6 days, I felt up to getting out and attempted walking a 1.2 km loop which left me dizzy and breathless. Feeling very frustrated, I knew that if I continued to push my body before I was ready, I would seriously hurt myself. And, this brings us to today.

Whining! I am currently trying to teach my 3 year old that whining will get you nowhere! And, it especially will not get you that late night snack and staying up past bed time!  I absolutely cannot stand whining. And, yet, that is how I began my first run in 2 weeks.

Today was an especially long and lovely day including Sunday mass, church picnic (the last minute creation of tuna salad right before we had to leave for mass), organizing and leading children’s activities at the picnic, pretending I’m a computer specialist and trying to put together a new computer for my parents, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, changing diapers and getting babies ready for bed.  As we were heading home from my parents’, I started thinking that I should get out for a run.  After all, I didn’t do that much today and felt I still had some energy in the tank.  I’d like to say that I wasn’t thinking straight as I was still on a sugar high from my sister’s peanut butter balls!

My husband, who just achieved his own personal goal of completing the Tough Mudder yesterday, absolutely agreed that I needed to get out.  He just ran 18 km and is a wee bit worried that I don’t quite know what I have gotten myself into with running a half marathon.  Well, thankfully, I am not running a half on Saturday but “only” a 10 km race.  Are you kidding me? 10 km…and then the whining began…

But, I don’t have my clothes laid out! My favourite running capris have baby puke all over them!   My Pink T is in the wash . . . still.  (Shoot, I forgot to change the laundry over!)  Seriously, my iPod is drained!  I can’t get out and ready in 15 min – because you know I don’t run in the dark.  And, other TMI that I won’t get into!  With sunset a good hour and a half away – my dear husband gently told me to “quit it”, “suck it up” and “run”.  So, I did.


But, that whiner wouldn’t go away! Your shorts are riding up! I wonder what I would look like from the rear?   This isn’t my regular music mix. And, then finally my inner voice rose up from deep within – RUN.

And, so I did.  I usually follow Galloway’s interval method and run 9 and walk 1.  Before I knew it though, the 20 minute voice on my nano came on.  Shocked that I felt pretty good, steady and strong, I ran on.  And on, and on I ran.  Dashing home, to my amazement, I completed 6 km without stopping in 45 minutes.  And then, I weeded the garden!

How do you come back after life interrupts your training plan?  For me, I learned that I just have to drown out my inner whiner and run.  I am back on track and plan to get in 2 more runs before Saturday’s 10km. I won’t be first, but strong and steady I will cross the finish line! After all, “It is supposed to be hard.  If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great!” (League of Their Own)

Princess Alana

P.S. A special shout out to my BRF – I SO WOULDN’T have gone out tonight if it wasn’t for your persistent bbm’s!  Thanks for the push!

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