How a Princess Handles Stress

As Princess Half-Marathon training season officially begins, and I gear up for another race, it is…TIME TO PANIC! Now, I have promised not to whine….and I am not about to start now…but, I am a wee bit stressed. And stressing and whining are not the same, right?

For the past 10 days, I have been hit with the worst cold/flu. Yes, we all know that something is going around. It is almost expected at this time of year, especially if you work with children.

However, I am feeling betrayed by an immune system that didn’t register that I have a race this weekend! The Dashing Divas have been preparing for tomorrow’s Prince Edward County Marathon Relay…5 friends…42.2 km…a whole new type of racing! And between Jodi and I, we will be completing a half-marathon! This is very fitting as we prepare for our Princess Half-Marathon in Disney.

Jodi will be leading off the race, along with all the runners trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon! You go, girl – racing hard for 11.4km! Inside, I’m screaming ‘thank the good Lord it isn’t me with that leg’. I will have the pleasure of completing the second leg – 9.6km – running right up to the Sandbanks where our friend, Melissa will take over. Then, our gal Sarah will follow along the strip and Shana will run us to the finish line where all of us will be waiting to cross the finish line together, completing 42.2 km. And I think we can all say we have run a marathon after tomorrow, right? The exact details don’t matter!

Needless to say, I am feeling the pressure to not only run, but run fast! My dear relay members are runners. I am the proud newbie. It does worry me that while they were putting in 30km weeks (and my BRF’s 30km weekend!) leading up to this race, I only managed about 8km – a 3km walk/run with 3 kiddies right after turkey dinner and a 5km walk/jog that just about killed me since I wasn’t able to breathe well. So I did what any princess does when she feels totally stressed…I went shopping!

After picking up our team race packs, including adorable socks and shirts that are very cute for a fall run, I ended up acquiring much needed running gear to prepare me (and hopefully motivate me!) for my new adventure: running in the fall/winter. This includes my glow in the dark LED neon pink running jacket – I will literally light up the night skies!

Again, as I head into another race en route to the Castle, I have learned so many lessons. Get your flu shot! Take your vitamins! Drink your orange juice! You can’t push your body to do more than it is willing. I just hope I will feel energised and lead-leg free tomorrow! Maybe my body will do great things because of the rest. I know I will be excited and empowered to run with girlfriends as part of a team for the first time. No matter what tomorrow brings, rain or shine, the Dashing Divas will be ready to run not only fast, but fashionably with our matching sparkle skirts!

Stay tuned for a race re-cap coming soon where you will get to meet the Dashing Divas (or Double Ds as we call ourselves!) in more depth!

Princess Alana

2 thoughts on “How a Princess Handles Stress

  1. I have not gotten a flu shot in years but have decided to get one because of all the races coming up. Good luck with your relay and just have a blast! PS…I went shopping also and got 2 winter running shirts and some Clif seasonal bars in peppermint and iced gingerbread flavors!

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