10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

We love, love, love the fabulous ladies behind Another Mother Runner, Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea (authors of Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother). They are our running idols: two women on the run, promoting healthy lifestyles, taking on new challenges and setting personal records along the way while balancing families and careers. Of course, their careers are all wrapped around running – which we think is so cool! We want to be just like them when we grow up!

Sporting our Sole Sister tanks from the Another Mother Runner collection

So we were happy to oblige when they asked all of their “tribe members” to answer the following questions about running on their blogs. This is kind of like the equivalent of the US Weekly  “25 Things You Didn’t Know about…(insert B-list celebrity)”. Only this is much more fun because it’s running related and well, it’s about us!  So here we go because what Dimity and Sarah ask of us, we always do…and this is how we have come to be such “badass mother runners”, the trademark phrase of our mentors!

Best run ever:

Jodi:  Well, that’s a tough one – how to choose your favourite run out of so many? I will have to call a tie. The first is a race – the Oasis 10K at the Toronto Zoo last month. It was a very difficult, challenging course of hill after hill after hill. I had no idea what I was in for when I signed up! But I ran very strong and PR’ed the thing! I am so proud of that medal and PR because I had to work so hard for it. Not just that day, but in the many miles leading up to it. My other favourite run would be the first time I hit 20K. I wasn’t even planning to run that far, but I felt great and when I hit my planned 15K, I thought “what’s one more kilometer?”…and then one more and one more…until I was back home, having done a full 20K. I felt great and it FINALLY seemed that this half-marathon was within my reach.

Alana:  In terms of time, it was my first 10K Race (Sydenham Lakeside) – I was SO scared…I think that helped! In terms of feeling like a runner, it was the first time I ran 10K “just because”!!! (and that was this past Sunday!)

Three words that describe my running:

Jodi:  Determined, therapeutic, empowering.

Alana:  Glitter, sparkle, shine!

My go-to running outfit is:

Jodi:  Lululemon everything! Crops, cycling skirt, swiftly tech tank or tee – even my sports bra and undies! I have all of these in multiple colours at this point. My go-to socks are Balegas and my shoes are Mizuno Wave Inpsire 8s. Oh, and my Running Princess hat! I never run without a hat.

Alana:  See me glowing in my Saucony light up jacket! I’ll run almost naked underneath just to wear it regardless of how hot it is!

Quirky habit while running:

Jodi:  I race the stoplights and, if the timing doesn’t work out, I channel my 80’s childhood and pretend like I’m the star of the video game Frogger! Remember that???

Alana:  I have to hold my iPod wire between my two hands…seriously!

Morning, midday, evening:

Jodi:  I run three times each week – two are evening runs (after work/after dinner) and my long run is always a weekend morning. Morning is my favourite time to run, but you do what you have to do to get the miles in.

Alana:  Love running in the morning…forced to run in the evening.

I won’t run outside when it’s:

Jodi:  So far, I have not been sidelined by wind, hail, snow, sleet, rain or even thunderstorms (yeah, DUMB blonde). But I suppose snowbanks where you can’t see the sidewalks might give me pause. Here’s hoping for a mild winter!

Alana:  I’m not allowed to answer this! If I’m going to run a half-marathon in February, I must train no matter what!

Worst injury – and how I got over it:

Jodi:  I have been lucky with only one injury so far (knock wood): a strained hip flexor that happened in the Spring when I ramped up to 13K for the first time and hit a pile of hills at the end. My hip said “not happening” and started to protest, but I kept running. I clearly should have stopped at the first twinge, but I was on a mission! Well, I got to say I met my goal for the week…but then I was sidelined the next week during which time I rested, iced, heated, elevated and stretched. I also whined a lot. Since then, I have added specific stretches for my hip flexors after every single run that I do, and I foam roll when things start to feel tight.

Alana:  I was plagued by a very sore right foot in the summer, but it led to the purchase of my favourite shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus 13s – beautiful indigo runners that make me feel like I’m running on the clouds!

I felt most like a badass mother runner when:

Jodi:  I threw up during one of many, many “surface of the freaking sun” hot days this summer – and kept running.  And I was rewarded! Well, not for throwing up. But for training through the most miserable summer on record. When the temperatures cooled, I hit new PRs at each distance…boo-ya!

Alana:  Always! Especially when I’m in a matching sparkle skirt with my BRF, Jodi!!!

Jodi:  Awww! That’s so nice. Yeah, I change my answer to that. What she said. Way better than the puke story.

Next race is:

Jodi:  A local 10K in a couple of weeks, and after that is my longest race to date: the Whitby Waterfront 10-miler (16.1K to us Canadians eh!).

Alana:  Same local 10K with Jodi…in sparkle skirts of course!

Potential running goal for 2013:

Jodi:  Not potential, but non-refundably, non-transferably happening: Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon in February! After that, I am doing the Toronto Women’s Half-Marathon in May, and I have my eye on the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon next October. Then again, a year ago I wasn’t even running. So a lot can change in a year!

Alana:  Not only achieve my goal of running a half-marathon…do it with sparkle!!!!

Just revealed…the beautiful bling we’ll be running for in 2013!

It was recently announced that the all-inspiring Another Mother Runner duo will be attending Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon, speaking at the Expo and running the course! We are so THRILLED that we will be able to meet our Fairy Runmothers and ya know, tell them how cool they are (hopefully we’ll have come up with something a little more witty by then!).

If you are a runner who is digging our blog and you haven’t yet read their books, get thee to a bookstore (or go online) and purchase them today! Fabulous, must-do reading for all mother runners out there. And, if you have a blog, pass it on and answer these questions on your own little corner of the webosphere.

Fairy Runmothers at the Disneyland Half-Marathon

As Dimity and Sarah always say, “many happy miles!”

~Princess Jodi & Princess Alana

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