Running Reflections

I can’t help but think about how in just 9 short months I have arrived at this point.  I’m currently preparing for our last 10 km run together in Kingston.  Today, we don’t run until 1pm so our usual running routine is a bit different.  Instead of waking the family at about 5am to sleepily begin our morning drive to the race, I have had the morning to reflect.

Nine months ago, I would have thought you were absolutely insane to think that I could have ever accomplished some of the following:

  1. run 3km let alone run 10km
  2. begin running 10km as my short run . . . are you kidding me!
  3. become so obsessed about running magazines in the grocery check out line
  4. tone up and lose 20lb +
  5. don’t eat unhealthy foods BECAUSE I want to feel light as a feather as I run
  6. even believe that I could find the time for myself to exercise
  7. actually commit to running 3 times a week along with two days of dance (Despite illness, I’ve managed to do just this!)
  8. sign up for REAL RACES and compete like I was in highschool! (I never thought that you could feel so alive in your thirties!)
  9. not care what the person behind thinks of my baby got back!
  10. wear SPARKLE SKIRTS (and not just when I’m running….lol)
  11. that my running gear would take over more space than my work clothes……seriously!
  12. that I would want to buy running gear before I buy that new trendy item (well, not totally true – I still buy both. But, I just buy my running gear first!)
  13. feel justified that I need so many different lengths and types of BLACK RUNNING PANTS!
  14. buy a jacket that lights up like a Christmas tree! Oh how I love thee, Saucony Neon Pink LED Running jacket!
  15. understand exactly how far 1 km is – this has helped me teach measurement so much (guess what we do – run a 1km square!)
  16. fall in love with race bling
  17. wear race bling to work and act like it is a piece of fashionable jewellery
  18. not want to run in a race that you don’t get bling!
  19. get disappointed if my race isn’t chip timed
  20. not care what the people around me at the starting line think
  21. not care that , YES, many people pass me at the starting line
  22. care so much about crossing that FINISH line with my head held up high and a smile on my face – the clock is moot
  23. fall in love with a man called GARMIN
  24. buy knuckle lights….like what!!!!!
  25. that my family would fully support not only me but they would start this healthy passtime. My husband completed a tough mudder and is training for the Disney 5km.  My oldest (almost 4 year old) loves 1 km races and my youngest (almost 2 years old) is training for her first diaper dash in Disney! I love how my family life has been affected so positively.
  26. that even at 36, I can continue to make my own parents proud
  27. that real change in your life can be affected by surrounding yourself with POSITIVE people….love you BRF!
  28. become part of real change in the world – I KNOW the Queen’s University K.Lo’s Krew made a huge impact raising over $40, 000 Racing for the Cure. I was so proud to be a part of that and so very proud of my BRF for organizing it!
  29. my daughter expects me to go for a fast 5km before it is time for bath, book and bed!
  30. my daughters look at me and see how I love who I am – I hope this will translate into a positive body image for them as they get older.
  31. reconnecting with so many strong women from all over the globe and sharing my passion for running with flair
  32. write a blog! (My students think I am so cool!)
  33. reconnecting with women from my past who have starting running just because of our story!
  34. Balance the fine act of being a daughter, sister, mother, friend and a wife, while reminding me of who I am. Women set the Pace!
  35. run a MARATHON (yes, a relay marathon with 4 other amazing, strong and inspiring women!)
  36. that 2 university mates can reconnect over Facebook and set an impossible goal of running a half marathon and do it with flair!

Most importantly, I cannot believe that one fate crossed night on Facebook would reconnect me with my BRF – Jodi.  Together, we have run this journey together – albeit at different paces, but, together none the less.  Women need women.  We need to support each other without competition and with nothing but healthy, positive thoughts.  I am so thankful to have such an amazing sole mate who does what is needed – listens, reflects, motivates and then kicks my behind out the door at 5am.  Today – I thank you for that night last February and the many countless other hours of conversations to help me get to this point!

Ironically, today’s run is in support of the Kingston Humane Society and I will be running in memory of my best friend, Molson.  On November 1, 2012, Molson, my 10 year old yellow lab, passed away in my arms.  I don’t know just how I am going to run today.  And, as a private person, this is even difficult writing about this topic. But, today, I know I will PR because I will be running to you, Molson.  Meet me at Rainbow Bridge!

Princess Alana

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