Sweat Pink Give-Away Winners!

Last week, we asked you to tell us who motivates you to get sweaty in exchange for some magical, PR-inducing Sweat Pink laces and a Sweat Pink button to wear with pride on your running bag. And we loved the stories you shared with us, which were about so much more than running – there was a theme of empowerment and hope to them (aka Princess Power!). Regardless of who or what inspires us to run, running helps us FEEL better, DO better and BE better versions of ourselves. Combined, our stories fully support the old adage that “running always gives more than it takes”.

I run for many reasons: meet 2 of them!

I am so proud to be part of this Sweat Pink movement: women lacing up and taking charge, challenging ourselves and being healthy role models for our children. Whether you are running from the past, running towards the future, running for your children or watching others do all of the above and wanting to start your own journey, we take our sweat-wicking hats off to you!

Without further ado…Nicole, Beth, Patty, Francine and Jennifer  – come on down! You are the winners of our first-ever give-away! Contact us to claim your prize by leaving your email address below or messaging us on our Facebook page. Thanks for reading and being brave enough to share your personal stories. Keep sweating PINK!

~Princess Jodi

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