See Sam Run


Just recently I discovered the joy of running with a pet.  My parents were spending some quality time with my two little ones while I tackled my first 13km run solo.  I was about 1 km in when I came across my neighbours  who were walking their eight dogs.  I immediately felt a pang in my heart as I had just a week earlier said goodbye to my best furry friend of ten years.  For some reason, I found myself turning around, racing back to my parents and chasing Sammy out the door.


Sammy is a new addition to our family. My parents found him quite by accident at the Humane Society. He is a black Labradoodle with an abundance of energy and love.  And little did I know, he would become a special part of my “Race to the Castle”.

Normally, I run holding my ipod string between my two hands. ( I think it was Jeff Galloway that hinted that this would make you run taller. ) Today, it was Sammy’s leash that I held and I realized something pretty special.  I always thought that running was a solitary sport.  To a point it is, but after enjoying my first 12 km run chatting with my BRF just the week earlier, I realized that running didn’t have to be something that I only did alone.

I completed my first semi solo 13km run with great success.  Sammy was an amazing running partner.  He kept pace right beside me, silently challenging me to keep up.  Running up those steep country hills was just a little bit easier holding onto his leash.  I was amazed that he didn’t even stop to smell the countryside or have an awkward doggie moment if you know what I mean!  It seems that we were meant to run together!


At the end of our first run of what would become a weekly ritual, Sammy gave me a nuzzle and then headed off to his doggie bed, and stretched out.  I do have to admit that while I was running, my mind did start to daydream about matching running attire for Sammy.  With the onset of winter running, I wonder what equipment will Sammy need.  Also, can he keep up with my training plan or should I only take him out for my 5km or 10km runs?

I would love to hear feedback from runners with pets!

Princess Alana

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