Running Blues


Very soon, Princess Jodi will be posting her reflections on her journey to the Castle. Luckily, she was able to stay for 10 days in the Magical Kingdom and she is just on her way home today. Unfortunately, my profession does not permit me from time off and I had to arrange just as magical but quite shorter stay. After a whirl wind weekend, it was right back into routine. Back to work, hockey and dance classes, it was almost as if our time in Disney was but a dream.


But, realizing my year-long goal of running a half marathon so wasn’t a dream. I just need to look at my Princess medal as it hangs on my rear view mirror (Yes – tacky I know but I am still waiting for my medal holder!) Tucked away, like all my other race bibs, is my Disney Princess Merida bib in my Run like a Mother book. Photos of my wonderful trip are already miraculously framed and hung. Also, remnants of our Disney vacation can be found all over my home.  A mountain of summer clothes need to be cleaned. The laundry is JUST being done now. Summer shoes somehow have gotten mixed up with boots. And, my new calf sleeves from 110% Play Harder have become one of my favourite post run cures.


This week was so busy and exhausting that I didn’t even have a choice to rest from running. Rest! Hah! Like all mothers who have a busy career and families to look after, rest is my favourite four letter word that I rarely get to have. So after hosting a fun sleepover night with my nephews, I surprised myself when I awoke early this morning and immediately got dressed in my winter running gear. DH was getting the kids dressed in their hockey gear as we had to divide and conquer to make all hockey games this morning. While he was busy, I went for my first 5km post run since the Princess Disney Half Marathon. Even more surprising was how I felt during this run.


You see, I have had the running blues this week, especially with Jodi still in Florida. While I have signed up for the TO Women’s Half Marathon that takes place during the last week in May, the excitement of running a Disney event is missing. My Princess partner in crime, Jodi, would very much like me to commit to running the Tinkerbell next January and achieve our Coast to Coast medal. While I would love to do that, traveling to a race that crosses time zones and dealing with the inability to get time off is a problem. As a teacher in our board, it is very difficult to get even unpaid leave. And, while I haven’t given up on my dream of going coast to coast, the fact of getting time off is making it hard to just exclaim “YES, JODI I’M IN!” (Which is what I so want to say!)


So, because of this, I totally expected to have the blahs while running.  I was very nostalgic about last weekend’s Disney Princess Half Marathon and I really did struggle with running without having an out of this world goal to chase after.   But, I ran faster and felt better than I ever had.  No more did I compete with that negative left brain.  The simple fact was that yes I could run 5km, I just did 21km so my mantra was like “Get It Done – You Know You Can!”  So, now, I just have one little problem to solve:  how to get that Coast to Coast medal!

So while I am unsure of what race is in my future (or figuring out how to get there!), I know one thing, like all of the BAMR out there, I will be joining you pounding the pavement one footstep at a time.

Princess Alana

PS I so would love to know how do you manage to get the time off to make your dreams come true?  Or, does anyone know of a fantastic race that is teacher time off friendly?

4 thoughts on “Running Blues

  1. I feel the same way. It’s sooo weird not having Princess as a goal anymore. I haven’t run yet, but I will this week. I am very definitely thinking Tink. Just so you know, though, the Coast to Coast has to be in the same calendar year (so it would have to be tink then princess in 2014). Listen, if I win the lottery, you and Jodi can totally share a room with me at both races!

  2. I didn’t even realize that! It would be fun to do the Princess again! I am so hooked on Disney races. Any other half seems not as magical. Although I am looking forward to the bling and girl’s weekend in TO!

  3. Usually I just do 2 races a year- but I’m thinking of signing up for another in 3 weeks to combat the PHM blues. If you are able to make Tink happen- you will NOT regret it! It’s an amazing time. 🙂 You’d actually love the time change going out there- you will already be up when it’s time to race! lol As far as time off, I have a very very very flexible position that allows me to take a large amount of PTO and a large amount of unpaid time. I really am lucky! But thanks soooo much for teaching— I know I can’t do it and am so happy when people like you step up and take on the role for our children!

  4. I can relate Alana. I would love to be able to do a tenth of some of the races I see friends doing. I definetly have Runners Envy. I am genuinely happy & excited for them but in the back of my mind Im wishing that was me!! I am grateful for what I have been able to experience so far but I have a lot on my plate as well. Races take a lot of time away from home and balance is key. I cant let the races rule my life only compliment it. So yes I am wishing I was getting my Coast to Coast this year with the Disneyland Half this or even better doing Dumbo Dare but alas its not going to happen… At least I got to do Princess… One day hopefully I will get to go back..

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