The Next Leg of the Race: New Goals

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks since attaining our goal of running Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon.  After catching up on sleep and laundry and work, both Jodi and I ached to see each other.  Thus, a Princess Summit was called!  We met to recap our Disney race and dream our next dream…Phase 2 of Project 2 Princesses On The Run!

bibbidy on

Now, this is the part about Jodi that I absolutely adore (Sarah Bowen Shea, Chief BAMR, take note – you have no idea how alike the two of you are!).  Jodi is very detail and goal oriented, along with being a planner.  This fits our relationship perfectly as I’d rather not be charged with itineraries…for the most part, she just tells me where to be and when!  But we hadn’t had a real conversation about what to do post-Princess, so I was half expecting a power point Smartboard presentation!  The setting instead was a passionate conversation over Diet Coke and spinach pizza around her kitchen table while our four girls reconnected with movies, makeovers and dress-up Disney style.

Last year, we raced for quantity.  Looking back, we were absolutely crazy!  We entered 10-12 races as newbie runners.  Neither of us had ever raced before, although Jodi used to run for fitness in her university days.  When we started this journey, we had no idea the difference between a trail race and a road race, or what chip timed even meant.  We ran in women’s races.  We ran at all times of the year.  We ran alongside people of all ages.  We ran (or I did) with a Police Car on my tail!  We ran (or she did) through injuries. We ran with really, really fast runners.  We ran to support important causes.  We ran in tutus and we ran in sparkle.  We tried everything!


We learned a lot and this helped us choose our next races. So, we decided to reflect on what we learned and choose our races for 2013 with a more experienced outlook.  So for any newbie runners out there, take note:

Our Considerations for Choosing a Race:

  • BLING!  We love racing for a medal, a necklace, or anything that sparkles really!
  • COSTUMES!  We love running in coordinated outfits! Sparkle skirts and tiaras make any race more fun!
  • CHIP TIMED!  Garmin is not enough! We learned from one race’s skipping rope start line, that if we are going to go the distance, we want proof that we did it.
  • LOCATION!  We travelled quite a bit in 2012.  Being able to get away for a girls’ weekend is an added bonus!
  • GIRL POWER!  We both adored the women’s races.  The atmosphere IS very different at an all female event!  It is more inviting, welcoming and especially chatty in the corrals!
  • CAUSE!  Most of our races are dedicated to raising money for a charity.  As we both hail from fundraising backgrounds and Jodi now does this work as a career choice, we both truly realize the importance of giving.  Raising money for charities of our choice by running is just another way to pay our good fortune forward.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY!  Our cheer squad travelled to most of our events in 2012.  It can be very difficult though to entertain ages 2 to 8 years old at these event. So, in 2013, we are planning 2 girls’ getaways and 2 family friendly events.


Please note that while we may seem all princess like (because we are) and girly (that too), we do take our races very seriously, always trying to PR and do our very best. We always run our own races – never competitive with anyone but ourselves!

So…what’s in store for 2013?

  • May 26, 2013 – Toronto Women’s Half-Marathon: This race made it to the top of the list as it is a women’s race and the bling is actually a fabulous necklace created by FOXY.   Ulterior motives to this race also include a Girls’ Getaway Weekend: shopping at the outlet malls, relaxing hot tubs and a reminiscent childhood sleepover (although Jodi is much more high maintenance the night before a race and I am a mess in the morning!)  This year we look forward to good friends joining us to make this a weekend of even more girl power! Having this race on the docket also took any pressure of the Disney Princess Half-Marathon…we could stop for photos and enjoy the experience without worrying about our time. That’s what THIS race is about.
  • August 17, 2013 – A Midsummer Night’s Run (15K):  Our first night race! This race begins at 6 pm and, from what we have heard, is made for people like us.  Runners are encouraged to dress up – there is even a costume contest! – and have fun racing the streets of Toronto in support of a worthy cause: Sick Kids Hospital.  Having had many students going for treatments at Sick Kids, this race is particularly dear to my heart.  The mileage is more challenging than a 10K, but not quite as gruelling as a half marathon, which is a bonus especially in the hot and humid summer months.
  • October 6, 2013 – CIBC Run for the Cure with K.Lo’s Krew:  Last year, Jodi led this team to the achievement of raising over $41,000 for breast cancer research, winning the National Top Team Fundraiser Award in the post-secondary school division. K.Lo’s Krew has since been nominated for the 2013 Commitment Award for new teams or individual fundraisers.  The motivator behind this exceptional team is Jodi’s colleague, Karen, now a breast cancer survivor!!! Way to kick cancer in the butt, K.Lo!  Tiaras and tutus are almost mandatory for this all-star race. This 5K race is also stroller and family friendly!
  • October 27, 2013 – Niagara Falls Half-Marathon (Jodi); Niagara Falls 10K (Alana):  This is possibly the most exciting race of 2013 (other than the Princess, of course) as we are planning a family getaway to Great Wolf Lodge.  I love that there is the choice of the 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathons.  Running with Niagara Falls as the backdrop is sure to be breathtaking!  And no, I don’t generally run half-marathons unless there is a tiara at the end so I’ll be doing the 10K!

2013 princess I did it

Now that we have raced to the Castle and earned our tiaras, we are ready to chase a new dream! The races of 2013 are really part of a much bigger plan!  Stay tuned…more news coming soon!

Princess Alana

4 thoughts on “The Next Leg of the Race: New Goals

  1. Excited to see where you go from here… onward & upward – right 🙂

    I appreciate this list – I’ve since become sorta picky on races now that I’ve paid good money for some bad races.

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