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It gives me great pleasure to introduce our first guest blogger…my oldest daughter, Paige! Both of my little princesses on the run participated in the Kids Races, as did Princess Alana’s wee ones. Between us, our daughters span the ages of 2-8 years old which covered off three different race categories: 400M, 200M, and 100M Diaper Dash.

WDW13 090

We also opted to register for the Princess Half-Marathon Breakfast which took place right after the Royal Family 5K, and just before the runDisney Kids Races. This was a great add-on, as the kids were able to meet a few princesses before we even got to the parks without the hassle of long lines – this was especially true of Princess Merida who is new to Magic Kingdom and at the height of her popularity!

WDW13 067

After the breakfast where the kids enjoyed the characters, face-painting, colouring station and a bite to eat, we made our way to the corrals.

WDW13 083

It was a little tricky having the kids in different race distances because it does mean you have to run with one child, missing out on (or compromising) grabbing the photo finish of the other. This was my main take-away from the event: if we were to do this again – and I’m told we will be! – I would register both of my daughters in the Mickey Mile or potentially even train them up to run/walk the Family 5K.

WDW13 088

Do you think these two might be the future 2 princesses on the run? We may be getting ahead of ourselves…let’s turn it over to Paige to tell you all about her race day experience and future plans!

~ Princess Jodi

WDW13 092

My name is Paige. I did the 400M race at Disney World in Florida. My sister did the 200M race. After this race, I want to train to run a 5K with my mom, my sister and my grandma. If we do a 5K at Disney, we can dress up in matching costumes, maybe even pirate costumes. I am a tomboy and my sister is a princess, but we both like pirates. Training for a 5K would take lots of hard work and training. My mom ran the Princess Half-Marathon, so I think if I train and work hard like her, I will be able to run the 5K.

WDW13 095

My mom was with my sister in her corral. She kept checking on me, but I was ok. I made a friend at the race and her name was Ella. The weather on race day was so hot so imagine waiting in that weather for your race to begin! We were the last group to run. Our corral was the smallest of all of them, but probably about 40 or 50 runners. My sister ran her race first.

WDW13 096

When it was our turn, we moved up to the start line and I was excited! Right when the race began, I lost my shoe because someone stepped on my heel. I was in last place while I got my shoe back on, but I picked up my speed and I was only behind 8 people near the end of the race. I could see the finish line and Goofy was there. When I crossed the finish line, Goofy gave me a high-five. My mom had just run the 200M with my sister and was sprinting back to the finish to cheer for me, but I was almost too fast for her! When she got there, I was just crossing but she still got to see me.

WDW13 100

The medals at the kids races were so cool! They had Mickey and Minnie on them. At the end of the race was water and some healthy snacks like bananas and granola bars. It’s so exiting to finish a race and cross that finish line because you know that you did it and you even get a reminder by accepting your medal. Accepting a medal just feels great! At the end of my race I felt great! It was the best day ever! I can’t wait to run another race in Disney!

WDW13 103

By Paige

P.S. As you can see, my little runner is clearly eager to do another runDisney race and in order for that to happen, I’ll need to plan another Disney race weekend…which will lead us nicely into our next post! Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “RunDisney Kids Races

  1. Great work, Paige! I liked your write-up. My six year old daughter and I ran the Mickey Mile together. We had a good time running around Epcot and back out to finish line. She loves her medal, too.

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