Taking Flight to Earn our Wings!

So how DO you follow up a goal as epic as the Princess Half-Marathon? This race gave us a focus for an entire year and represented running towards healthier, happier versions of ourselves. It was all about girl power and role modeling and chasing a big dream, one step at a time. It was embracing the power of pink, and not needing an excuse to wear a tiara. It was changing our fate and making things happen, instead of waiting for something to happen to us. It was creating a fairy tale happily-ever-after all by ourselves – no princes, no rescues, no shortcuts. Just us. And a LOT of sweat, dedication and perseverance.

princess finisher photo

When the race was over and the vacations done, we were quickly sobered by the realization that our year-long journey was complete. So now what? Princess Alana told you about some of our short term goals which will help us to remain 2 princesses literally on the run, but we were both hungry for a new goal. A big one. And then we realized that earning our tiaras was one thing…but now it is time to earn our wings!


That’s right, we’re going west to Disneyland for the TinkerBell Half-Marathon in January 2014! In fact, our hotel is already booked and costumes are in the works. This race experience will be very different as it is just the Canadian Princesses storming the Castle in search of our inner pixies, no families in tow. Joining us on this quest will be our friend, Laural who you may remember being a big part of our Princess Weekend. With this plan in place, we hereby adopt her as an honourary 3rd princess on the run! And so, our sights are set on the second star to the right…


 Castle to Castle, Coast to Coast

In the spirit of dreaming a little bigger, after I earn my wings, I will be heading back to Disney World to renew my royal status at the Princess Half-Marathon in February 2014! Running 2 half-marathons in 2 months in 2 time zones on 2 coasts will qualify me for the runDisney Coast to Coast Challenge – meaning, I will earn yet another beautiful (and exclusive!) Disney medal.


Sadly, Princess Alana will not be joining me on this leg of the adventure as she is a teacher with limited time off and also planning a move in the near future. But she will be cheering from home as I run for my Coast to Coast with my family on hand. We will enjoy a full Disney vacation after the Princess as we did this year, meaning my little ones can’t complain too loudly when I fly to California because they’ll be packing up for Florida only a few weeks after I return!

If you read my daughter’s race report about the Kids Races, you know she is eager to train and run Disney again. This time, her sights are set on the Family 5K so we have a year of training ahead of us and I can’t wait to do this event as a family. Even my Fairy Godmother (aka my mom) is inspired to get in on this action and run her first 5K with us! Oh, the costume possibilities…

And one last piece of pixie dust: Princess Laural will also be running for her Coast to Coast medal! In fact, it was her brilliant strategy of making TinkerBell a girls weekend and then turning Princess into a family vacation that made this bucket list item seem possible for the first time. Although I have coveted the Coast to Coast medal since I first learned of it, I never thought I would be able to make it work…and now it’s happening!

Eat Our (Pixie) Dust!

kicking up dust

So now we all train on, run hard, and channel our inner pixies – sassy, feisty and stubborn to a fault. Let me speak for myself when I say that I think I can own that as well as I can a tiara any day. Why run when you can fly, right?

~Princess Jodi

10 thoughts on “Taking Flight to Earn our Wings!

  1. Love it! I just signed up for the 2013 Disneyland 1/2 as 2014 has too many unknowns for my family to plan that far ahead. I am going for my Coast to Coast, but my fairy wings may have to wait a little longer. I will follow along on your journey this year from a distance and I don’t think our paths are going to cross.

    • Congrats on running for your C2C! I have heard such great things about the Disneyland Half – it was tempting to go Dumbo, but it is a tricky time of year for us with school starting. We have to be patient and wait for 2014! Happy training! ~Princess Jodi

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