BAMR Birthday Run

BAMRs know how to throw a party!  And, not just any party.  For my 37th birthday I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my fellow BAMRs Jodi and Laural.  I have so much to be thankful for on this milestone and am so very appreciative of the good friends in my life that running has introduced me to.


Here are some of the BAMR Birthday highlights:

  • Laural got up at a ridiculous hour just to make the almost 3 hour drive from Burlington to pick me up en route to Kingston where we would meet Jodi.  I so appreciated the Happy Birthday window treatment that she gave her hubby’s car just for my honour!
  • We even laughed harder as Laural recalled to us how she was complimented for her great calves at 6:30am in a parking lot while she was trying to stick these gel letters to the window.  You know you are a BAMR when your calves get hit on!
  • Not surprisingly, going for a run on the K & P trail in Kingston was the first order of birthday fun.  Jodi, Laural and I ran our long run decked out in true princess fashion. (Even the photobomber thought so – yep, a random runner who was determined to join our photo op despite the fact that we have no idea who she is!)
  • I ran 13km remembering when only a year earlier, I could barely run 3km!
  • After introducing Laural to our fave local restaurant, the BAMR birthday celebration would be nothing without going to the Running Room and Lululemon!
  • Most surprising to me was the Princess themed birthday celebration back at Jodi’s: mini cupcakes, lootbags filled with much-loved items such as KT tape , and the most thoughtful gifts inspired by running of course.


A special thank you to both Jodi and Laural for their outpouring of girl power positive support on my special day. Thank you for making me feel truly like a Princess!  I will always remember the laughs we had that day, the Princess themed party and, most of all, I will never forget our run!

BAMR 008

This was a birthday that I will most definitely never forget.

Princess Alana


Please note that this BAMR Birthday took place on April 14.  Out of respect, we decided to delay this post in light of the events that took place at the Boston Marathon.  Boston is in our hearts today and always! You can read our post about it here.

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