Princess on the Mend

Okay – it has happened!  After fourteen months of running, I have experienced my first running injury.  And, for the first time, I truly relate to the frustration that Jodi and many other runners have gone through. And, I have discovered, that it has taken this injury to make me realize how much I have come to love running.

My relationship with running has always been one of love and hate.  At first, as a young girl, I loved to hate it.  Then, at 35 years young, I dared to flirt with the concept that I could become a runner.  And, now, just a week into a new birth year, after succumbing to a foot injury, I can’t believe that I am missing it.


And, I am utterly aghast as I have no sweet clue as to what I did.  I have been running twice a week consistently and have recently been adding my long runs back in from some time off after Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon as  I am now training for the Women’s Half-Marathon in Toronto next month.

After running 13 km on my BAMR Birthday weekend, my foot later that evening became so sore I couldn’t even walk on it.  I have no recollection of hurting it during the run.  Later that day, I was in great shape as we shopped.  It wasn’t until about six hours after the run that my left heel, outside edge and instep were unbelievably sore.  After applying ice, I figured it was old age setting in like my foot just knew it was another year older and I went to bed.

BAMR 005

And, then I woke up.  Very inconveniently, I could barely put any pressure on my foot.  What my foot didn’t realize was that I was running solo that morning and I still had to get two wee ones dressed, fed and out the door in time for a morning meeting.  I was even forced into wearing once-trendy-but-not-so-much-anymore crocs just to get through the day.

Google searches relay the same message: ice and rest.  Possible symptoms point towards some pretty scary running injuries, but I am only a Google MD so I attempt rest.  REST – a four letter word for most BAMRs.  As an elementary school teacher, a dance teacher and a mother of two, just how am I going to find the time to rest it?!?


After trying KT tape for the first time and after feeling like it miraculously helped with the pain, I did regrettably attempt a run later on in the week which became more of a walk as I was forced to listen to my body.  Later that night, my ankle ballooned in aggravated response to my attempt to get moving.  Okay, I learned my lesson the hard way. Rest means rest.

I have missed two short runs and am nervous to jump back into my training long run as planned for fear of further retribution.  My foot is still sore to the touch.  And most of all, I feel frustration.

When Jodi was going through unmentionable discomfort with her injury, I felt so bad for her.  Now, I even feel worse for not feeling bad enough!  I am more surprised at how upset I feel about losing training time and consistency.  But I know that I must listen to my body for now. Stay tuned…

Tell us: Has an injury ever kept you from running? How have you adapted training plans and methods because of an injury? How do you know when it is safe to run again?

Princess Alana

2 thoughts on “Princess on the Mend

  1. Oh man… its the life of a runner, for sure.
    I’ve had so many knee injuries – but KT Tape kept me going.
    Saything that – I’m down with a back injury right now. After 16 weeks of training, it was so bad, I missed my half marathon. Horrible pain 3 days before the race. Was told not to run 😦 Devestating…

    Take the time to heal
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Oh blah, my feet have been bothering me on and off and now you’ve got me worried! I switched to different shoes, which seemed to help. Considered seeing my doctor but the last time I did (was having knee pain before I started running) she said I should never run again and instead I’ve been running more than ever before. Keep us posted!

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