Little Princess On The Run

September: CIBC Run for the Cure

Our girls have always been our top priority when it comes to running. A look for in any race is that it is family friendly. If there are kids races, then that is a special bonus. When we were planning to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013, the girls definitely wanted to be included on the fun and they were, running the Kids Races. Little did we both know, this would spark a love for running not only for us but also for our little princesses on the run.

luisa princess

This week, Luisa, 4 1/2 years old, wants to share her excitement as she prepares for her first 2km. Please note that it was after much discussion that we allowed Luisa to participate with Paige and Presley who are older as we believe “fun” not “winning” should be her focus.  Luisa has run a 200m, 500m and 1km race. In fact, she runs all the time after her 2-year-old sister.  In our household, the little princess does not “train”. This passion for running has happened quite by accident. Healthy living has always been important to my husband and I. And while “doing” sports is both fun and healthy, we want to model and stress the importance of daily physical activity to our daughters. Our expectation for this race is that Luisa has fun running with friends and family.


Out of the Mouth of Babe:

1. Why do you run? I run because I love to do it and I want to be like my Mom and Dad when I grow up. I got into running because watching my Mommy run. My Daddy is a tough mudder.

Family support means everything!

Family support means everything!

2. What do you like most about running? I like to run with my mom but we can only hold hands when we walk. (We do walk/run intervals.)

3. What’s your favourite running moment? Running 200m in Disney with Presley. But, I traded medals with my Daddy because his was purple and mine was blue.


4. What do you love about races? I like to dress up in my sparkle skirt or my Adidas running skirt. I like to see my Mom’s friend, Jodi. I love to see my friends Paige and Presley. (She adorably pronounces it PRESS-E-LY, making it 3 syllables instead of 2!)

5. How do you get ready for a race? I get “repaired”. lol (I think she means prepared.) I run, stretch and drink lots of water.


6. What makes you run fast? My buttons on my running shoes. (????? velcro????)

7. What’s your running pace? SLOW FAST SLOW FAST SLOW FAST

8. What sports do you do? I swim, dance, plays soccer and hockey. Running too!


9. What’s your favourite running food? Noodles and chocolate milk.

10. Running Advice: You should run because it gives you lots of energy. It is a good sport. It is fun. Pink and purple make you go faster.


Proud Mommy Moment:

I would love for Luisa to continue to develop her love for running. But, like anything else, I want the passion to come from within her. It doesn’t matter what Luisa does, as long as she does her best and that she finds contentedness. Most importantly, I wish that Luisa will grow up to be a strong, focused, and determined woman and that running helps to make her healthy and happy. For now, she is so excited to run 2km with Mommy while her sister stays home with Daddy. And yes, my heart does flutter when she reaches for my hand during our “walk intervals”. It would be unbelievable one day if we could run the Disney Princess Half Marathon together. But, if not, the memories being made and the special bond between a mother and daughter runner that are being formed are priceless.

Princess in Training Luisa and Princess Alana

2 thoughts on “Little Princess On The Run

  1. This is über cute! I always choose pink and purple too, as I believe it makes me go faster too!! Thanks for participating in our Blog Hop! I am glad you did! I probably wouldn’t have come across this outstanding blog!!

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