Introducing Team Tink

One of the things that makes runDisney races so special is the costumes. Tutus and tiaras are everywhere. Sparkle and glitter abound. Mouse ears can be seen far and wide. In fact, if you are not in costume, you may be the minority. It should come as no surprise that we think racing through a castle is best enjoyed if you look the part – a princess running through her Kingdom!

WDW13 168

Despite this fundamental belief in the power of all things pink and sparkly, I suffered through a full-on wardrobe crisis leading up to the Princess Half-Marathon last year. Against type for my very Type A personality, I found myself racing the clock in search of the The Perfect Outfit as the race loomed. Trying to determine my running costume was almost as stressful as getting into a runDisney Meet-Up!  Of course, by the time the clock struck midnight, and with some help from my friends at Team Sparkle and iGlow Running, I was ready for the ball.

Still, I learned a lesson. You may think you know what you want to wear months in advance (as I did), but your needs might change once you put that plan into action (as I did at the CIBC Run for the Cure, where I learned that tutus and I do not get along for more than 5K!). With my next runDisney event, the TinkerBell Half-Marathon, a mere 6 months away, I decided to start planning early. No last minute costume drama for this running princess!

In the spirit of TinkerBell, Princess Alana and I will be running as pixies while earning our wings. And this is where the idea of costuming was elevated to a whole new level: GROUP COSTUME! We wanted to create our own Fairy Six of Pixie Hollow.

fairy 6

The role of TinkerBell will be run by yours truly. She’s feisty, sassy and full of pixie dust – and I have no problems embracing my inner diva for the day! I know there will be many TinkerBells at this race…but will they all have an entourage of their 5 closest fairy friends? Lime green is now the new pink in my world.

The role of Rosetta will be run by Princess Alana. Rosetta is the pink fairy which is why Alana instantly called dibbs on Rosetta as her fairy of choice. Pink + sparkly = enough said.

WDW13 141

We will be travelling to Disneyland with our friend, Laural, who was immediately on board to run as Vidia – the group’s “frenemy”. A fast flying fairy with a big attitude, Laural is ready to represent as our token bad girl!

Next, we recruited our Silvermist. I met Dana through some training groups on Facebook, including our online running club, Pacebook. We met in person at the Princess Weekend, first at the runDisney Meet-Up and again at the race itself. When I heard she was running TinkerBell, she was a natural recruit to join our fairy friends. She immediately settled on Silvermist, the blue fairy, and quickly began costume planning in earnest! Needless to say, I like how this girl works! Below, Dana and I take in the Princess Meet-Up experience (she is the beautiful brunette beside me):


Moving on, we were very excited to find our Fawn. Once again, thanks to the power of online running groups, I learned that April was planning to dress as the animal-loving orange fairy – and I was quick to extend an invitation to join our group. Happily, she jumped on board. April was a participant at the runDisney Meet-Up at Princess Weekend and, although we didn’t meet that morning, I clearly remember her being the lucky runner who got to enjoy a little pre-race massage demonstration. Talk about pixie dust!


We were excited to have 5 of our 6 fairies accounted for and, when registration opened for TinkerBell earlier this month, we put a call out to our online running club to find our final fairy, Iridessa. We were thrilled to have some enthusiastic volunteers right away, and chose the first brave gal to raise her wand, Patricia. She is no stranger to the runDisney scene and, as you can see, she has already embraced her inner pixie on the run!


And there you have it. Six fairies recruited with six months to go. Now, the costume obsessing planning begins, to be followed by trial runs in full costume. It is comforting to know that I will be in good company running through my neighborhood in fairy wings! While it may look odd to the neighbours, it takes more than faith, trust and pixie dust to earn your wings. It takes a special kind of pixie with a support-system of new friends on stand-by who are all willing to join forces for the love of a good group costume!

Tell us: Do you race in costume? What is the best costume you’ve seen at a race?

~Princess Jodi

5 thoughts on “Introducing Team Tink

    • So excited to have found our Fawn! And very cool that so many pixies of “Team Tink” were at the same Princess Meet-Up! Who knew? We could have been running and talking Tink even then! 😉

  1. Good morning! A fellow team runDisney blogger here stopping by to say hi! I ran my first runDisney race last year, PHM and I didn’t run in costume. I’m not going to lie I felt a little left out! This year I’m going back for my Bachelorette Party and I plan on definitely having a costume!!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

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