The Most Important Mile: Princess Alana Edition

I was recently asked what was the most important mile that I have run.  Immediately, my first reflections were reminiscent of my very run with Jodi where I really didn’t think I could even run around her block!  And then, I get a flashback of our first 5K race in Kingston when my Nike App lied to me: I was only at the 3K mark when my app was beeping, “Congratulations, you just ran 5K!”.  Running may come easy to some, but to me it has always been a relationship of love and hate.  As a newbie runner, crossing that very first finish line was never sweeter.  But, it wasn’t the MOST important.  It was just the beginning.

My thoughts immediately jump to mile 12 during the Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013.  Thanks to my grade 8 students who challenged me to lead by example, I set what I seemed was an impossible goal: run a half marathon.  During mile 12 towards the finish line, I really relished in my personal satisfaction of my accomplishments.  That mile was probably my proudest.

After the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I experienced what many call “the running blues”.  I achieved my goal.  Now what?  Thankfully, I am supported by amazing friends and a great family.  Jodi and I were so fortunate to have become BRF with our fellow pixie-in-training, Laural! At my school, my fellow teaching partners and I began running after school.  It is common place to see the teachers running through the neighbourhood for a quick 5km after school.  It is more amazing to see the faces of our students cheer us on…they even set up a water station! The miles that we have logged together embody girl power, cheesy as that sounds.  Important – definitely! It takes a village to create this runner!

And, I can never underestimate Jodi’s persuasive techniques as she unforgivingly lays out racing goals for the next year.  I can always count on her to keep our running life interesting.  Thus, our aim to run a half marathon from castle to castle is set.  Our next big goal after the Niagara Falls Race Weekend in October is Tinkerbell 2014!

So, what is my most important mile?  I believe that I am figuratively running my most important mile as we speak.  I am back to school, car pool, as well as dance, swim and hockey season has begun.  In the middle of all this, I am trying to sell our house.  My most important mile is to continue to find the time to consistently run three times a week.  Every run I log will translate into a better, stronger and happier me.   Today, that mile included running at Fort Henry and RMC with a good friend in preparation for next weekend’s Run or Dye 5K – her first race. Not so long ago that was me, and now I’m helping others do the same. Every one of those miles are part of my story.

Tell us: What’s your most important mile?

Princess Alana

PS If you are looking to move to the Brighton area, please contact me. Great house for sale 🙂

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