Wishing for a Fairy Runmother

My thoughts went for quite a wander on one of my most recent training runs. It was yet another hot and humid evening run, logging the miles in preparation for the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon next month. The sweaty, sticky temperatures got me thinking about things I wish I could will  to happen on race day to position me for the best run possible. Maybe I got a little carried away but, as a running princess, why not daydream about what I would ask of my Fairy Runmother on race day?

cinderella transform

1.  No matter what the temperature or weather conditions leading up to the race, as soon as you arrive at the site, it magically becomes perfect racing weather: crisp, cool temps with cloudy or overcast skies so it is not too bright, and a slight breeze (at your back, of course).

2.  When you arrive to the race site, there is no line-up for porta-potties. They are beautifully lit and clean, with fresh flowers and no shortage of toilet paper. Lovely hand soaps and lotions are at your disposal and, in fact, meant for you to take home.


3.  So now you have some extra stuff on hand – no problem because your Fairy Runmother takes care of that! Your bag is checked for you, so all you need to do is get yourself to your corral or wave start.

4.  You are the first one allowed into the corral to choose your preferred starting place without fighting any crowds. You have enough time to stretch and get your head in the game, but not so much time that you start to freak out. Your Fairy Runmother is on hand with batteries and chargers in case any of your gadgets need a last-minute boost. She has extra water and nutrition options for you as well just in case you forgot anything.

5.  At this point, your Fairy Runmother offers to run with you and carry said extra water and nutrition for you. And whenever you might need to stop to down a GU or suck back some water, the clock stops. It is only running when you are.


6.  Speaking of timing, this is a good time for your Fairy Runmother to mention that your chip time will automatically have 5 full minutes subtracted at the finish – making that elusive PR much more of a sure thing.

7.  You have a personal photographer to run ahead of you the whole race, taking only flattering photos. This will also help you achieve that PR because isn’t it true that any time you see a photographer, you speed up a bit? By running in front of you, of course, he also keeps your path clear – so no dodging and weaving around other runners. He has insta-Photo Shop capabilities and your race photos are ready and emailed to you within 30 seconds of crossing the Finish Line for instant sharing. Oh, and said photos are free.

race photos

8.  You fly like the wind, enjoying every mile with no negativity at any point on the course and you cross the finish line feeling happy and healthy and looking radiant! Your PR is celebrated with a post-race massage. You are first in line. And this is also free.

9.  Post-race food boxes are personalized just for you, with your favourite treats. In my case, this box would absolutely have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, salty chips, chocolate milk and Diet Coke. And of course the whole box would be 0 calories. With free refills.

reeses peanut butter

10.  Post-race swag includes a beautiful, shiny medal in your colour of choice (ahem, pink). After being ceremoniously presented to you, you are given some extras for those in your Cheer Squad – the people who make it possible for you to run and train for events like this. (I guess these folks could also be called your real-life Fairy Runmothers, right? And I have a pretty awesome crew!)

Race Day Bonus: Of course, no race day can be perfect without your BRFs running the same race. So it goes without saying that they have their own Fairy Runmothers creating a perfect race experience for them. PRs for everyone! And perfect photos to prove it.

Ah yes, a running princess can dream…

Tell Us: What would you ask of your personal Fairy Runmother to ensure a perfect race day?

~Princess Jodi

4 thoughts on “Wishing for a Fairy Runmother

  1. I love this! I would love the personalized medals and the post race food 🙂 But I would add that my Fairy Runmother would make sure that I didn’t look sweaty and gross after the race!

  2. My Fairy Runmother would also make certain there was a great race shirt! It would be tech fabric with great design I’d be proud to wear, in a flattering cut, *and* of course in a women’s style and in my size.

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