Wishing for a Fairy Runmother: Part 2

After reading Princess Jodi’s very cute post about “Wishing for a Fairy Runmother”, I couldn’t help but add a number #11 and #12.

If you haven’t read Jodi’s post, wave your magic wand and read it before you read on!


11.  There would be NO SUCH THING AS BLISTERS!  My close BRFs will find this funny as they are used to my TMI pictures.  In my fantasy running world, runners would never lose their toe nails or suffer from sore tootsies!  The person who does your pedicure (post-race of course) would never look at you funny as you say nicely that no, you do NOT want all the callouses removed because tender toes are deadly on the run.  And, after whatever distance you just ran, your feet and legs would feel as refreshed as if you had iced them down in 110% Play Harder calf compression sleeves.

chafe shoes

12. Thou shalt never chafe.  In fact, this word would be taken out of the English dictionary.  Never shall another runner feel worn down in nether regions or inappropriate places.  There would no longer be a fear of mixing up your Body Glide sticks because yes, you have more than one: one for normal use and one for “special” areas. I wouldn’t wish the war wounds of a chafing nature on my worst enemy!


So Bibbity Bobbity Boo! I really NEED a Fairy Runmother this weekend at Run or Dye!

Princess Alana

PS I will save my TMI pics for the Post Race Report 🙂

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