Run or Dye Pre-Race Report


All this wishing for a Fairy Runmother has me wishing for our next race to come. This Saturday, 2princessesontherun, along with family and friends, will participate in our very first color run with “Run or Dye“.

I know Princess Jodi is very excited to run with her family as her girls are taking on the 5K distance for the very first time!  My wee ones are still a bit wee for this distance and won’t be participating.  Instead, I am very thrilled to be running with a great friend who has also become one of my BRFs.  Christine is just one of many teachers at my school who has pounded the pavement with me since last April.  This is her very first 5K race!  So both princesses on the run will be running this one with newbies! When Christine and I cross paths in the halls at school, we both have an extra bounce in our step that comes with race week.  She is understandably excited and a bit nervous.  She is probably thinking: “Alana, what have you gotten me into?!” For me,  that bounce is more of a hobble due to some nasty blisters – the result of a training run in shoes that have seen better miles and should be tossed away!  I am definitely praying that my Fairy Runmother shows up at the start line for this one!


This race looks like so much fun – that is, for those of us who live for the thrill of an early morning 5K with an extra special blast of colour!  Christine, we are going to rock this!  Not only are you so ready for your first race, but the finish line will be all the more sweeter in a rainbow of colour!


Princess Alana

P.S. Do you not LOVE my new Urban Running Girl shrug?! This has become my FAVOURITE running item as the weather gets a bit cooler!

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