Urban Running Girl Shrug Review + Give-Away!

You may be wondering where we have gone or if we were washed away with the rain at Run or Dye; fortunately, that is not the case! I have been swept up in the busiest time of the year though, and have so much to share with you as we count down to the Niagara Falls Race Weekend at the end of the month. That gives me goosebumps just to see it in black and white – we are both on the hunt for PRs and anxiously preparing. My training is at its peak with only one long run left. In the midst of the insanity that is life these days, we received some very exciting mail: urbanrunninggirl And today, we want to share with you one of our favourite new pieces of running apparel! Some days, we love running; other days, not so much. But what never fails to excite us is all of the shopping we get to do in support of our running – for our health, as we like to say. Such a great way to justify any and all purchases!

But this time of year can be a head-scratcher in terms of how to best outfit yourself for a run. Mornings can be cool. Afternoons can be warm. Some days, the weather seems like it can’t decide what to do. And while this tends to be the best running of the year, the simple question of what to wear on a run can become as complex and difficult to answer as some of those algebra problems I could never quite wrap my head around in high school. Of course, we are dedicated to finding the perfect running outfits for any and all seasons, weather and occasions. Everyone needs their niche, right? fitnessrace 009 That is why we were so excited to try the running shrug made by Urban Running Girl, a Canadian company based in Toronto and owned by a fellow runDisney fan! First things first, these shrugs are adorable. Bright, vibrant colours and a cute, flattering fit. You might agree, but wonder what they have to offer in terms of functionality. Well, we found them to be the perfect answer to the layering dilemma runners face as seasons change.

Cool, crisp mornings are unquestionably delicious for running – but those first couple of miles can feel downright cold in your tank or t-shirt. Yet, a long sleeved shirt or jacket would leave you melting shortly after you start your Garmin. This cute, little shrug is a great way to make the transition. It is light, moisture-wicking and includes fold-over cuffs to keep your fingers warm if needed (this feature is also great in the rain if you want to protect your Garmin, as I learned at the Run for the Cure this past weekend!). As you warm up, you can slip it off and tie it around your waist – because it is short, you don’t have the bulk flapping around behind you, widening your load and making you look as if you may fly away! (I don’t know about you, but I am never a fan of making my butt look bigger.) And check this out – it holds up well and still looks cute even soaking wet. kloskrew 065 We also admit to just wearing it around the town on weekends while shuttling kids to soccer practice, grabbing groceries or running whatever pressing errands need attention. They are just that comfortable and cute. And we think you’ll agree if you give them a try!

Urban Running Girl has kindly offered a free shrug to a lucky reader in the colour and size of your choice. As you can see, we opted for the pink and purple, but they also come in a beautiful turquoise, bright orange and basic black. Sizing runs true to size for women’s technical wear and sizing charts are available on the website. If you fall in between sizes, order up. I found myself in between the Small and Medium and, although both fit, the Medium fit best because these are cuter if you have room to layer tanks, tees or long sleeves.  Since you will be on the move while wearing it, you don’t want to feel constricted as you want to be able to easily remove it on the fly. IMG_0281 But we wanted to spread the love so that ALL of you would have the opportunity to add a new piece to your running wardrobes, so we are excited to announce that Urban Running Girl is offering a discount to our readers for 20% off your order! Please visit the Urban Running Girl website and use promo code 2PRINCESSES at check-out. This special offer is good through October 27, 2013 (incidentally, the day we’ll be on the run in Niagara Falls!). You can bet we’ll be using it to stock up on some other colours! The turquoise would look darling with my Cinderella costume at the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, no? Holidays are approaching and we think this would make a great gift for your BRF too! all-shrugs-on-branch1 To enter the give-away, use the Rafflecopter Give-Away link below. We’re asking you to tell us about your favourite fall running accessory by leaving a comment on this post, “like” us on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and/or tweet about the give-away. Easy as all the pie we can’t eat this Thanksgiving because we have a big race coming up, right? The lucky winner will be announced on our Facebook page on October 15. Good luck to all…may the odds be ever in your favour!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

~Princess Jodi

23 thoughts on “Urban Running Girl Shrug Review + Give-Away!

  1. My favorite fall accessory are headbands. Similar to the shrugs, I love that you can change up colors and have fun with them!

  2. My favorite fall accesory is my long sleeve lulu running shirt where the cuffs go over your hands. It also has a zipper neck so when you get hot you can undo the zipper.

    • Just noticed that you will be at Niagara Falls this month. My husband and i will be there too. this is our second time doing the half marathon. Heres hoping for nice weather that day!

  3. I saw these on your blog race pics on FB and was wondering about them, they do look comfy and yeah, I don’t necessarily want a full top, this looks like a great compromise. Coolness!

  4. I want to start running and have for awhile but haven’t….this would be my first official running accessory so I would have to start! lol

  5. A Running Girl giveaway post that ends with a Hunger Games reference?

    Day. Made.

    Fav running accessory for fall is definitely the long sleeve cotton henleys or t-shirts with hoods for underneath. Keeps you warm!

  6. My favorite are holiday socks that I cut the toes off of and wear to races (white ones for when I was Cinderella at the Disney Half Marathon, Santa ones for December races and Monkey ones because they are fun!)

  7. I have a great jacket that shields from ran and wind from sportskirts! I really like to layer and this shrug would be perfect!! I notice i have hardly any long sleeves! yikes.

  8. Fall isn’t too cool here so most of my running gear is the same. However, I love a good cute Bondi Band in case there is a little chill in the air so I can cover my ears but not get too hot.

  9. Okay – I’m playing along … but you know I’ll end up ordering one as well 🙂
    My favourite fall running accessories will be at the Niagara Half – 2 princesses on the Run 🙂 Of course if people don’t count as accesories I’m going with knuckle lights since it’s dark

  10. My favorite fall running accessories are my mittens that can fold over and become fingerless gloves. They keep me warm when I’m just starting out and then I just flip them back as I start to heat up!

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