Big Bum Trail Race Recap

Last Sunday, the clan gathered for the final race of 2013.  Little did we know what exactly we were getting into…MUD, that’s what!

Jodi and I were aiming to run our last 10K together before the TinkerBell Half-Marathon in January.  Unfortunately, due to a terrible “dizzy” virus, my running legs have yet to fully return.  And while my own saga has hit major road blocks over the last month, that is for another post.  Jodi experienced her first mud run and you can read all the gory details here!  As for me, my hubby and I escorted (or rather, chased) Jodi’s daughters and our two wee bums through a 1K trail run called the Big Bum, baby race to the Fat Ass Trail Run that Jodi was invited to run as media (hooray for our little blog!).

When I first read that the course was simply out and back, I had no idea that it meant literally running through the trails.  For Jodi’s girls, Paige and Presley, who are older than our gals, the 1K was a fast, fun run – even on a mountain and even in the mud.  Luisa, who recently ran her first 5K, was unbelievably excited. And, like her Mom, she couldn’t wait for the bling at the end of the race. Darling Luana didn’t quite know what hit her, but she absolutely loved being encouraged to run through the mud and not left behind.

When we first arrived at the Batawa Ski Hill, we admittedly stood out a bit in our sparkle skirts all around.  Once we spotted gals dressed in tutus, we felt a little more at home.  First, we bid adieu to Jodi – off and running the 10K up a mountain!  Then, it was off to find the start line for the Kids Race which was marked with a simple flag.  The kids crowded around and were off like lightning as soon as the call to run was made.  Paige and Presley started near the front and finished in the top ten.  Future BAMRs no doubt!


Edward ran with Luana while I sprinted off with Luisa.  It was a joy to watch her jump over and through the puddles all the while looking up at me to check for approving glances.  Running through the woods was something new to both of us.  It was a really neat experience as the course was challenging and exciting at every turn.  Once we made the out and back through the woods and were on the pavement, Edward ran ahead with Luisa as Luana needed her walk interval with her Mommy.

Running with an almost 3 year was absolutely hilarious.  Luisa, almost 5 years old, is beginning to understand what a race means and she is learning how to maintain a pace because she wants to sprint the whole way.  Luana, on the other hand, has absolutely no sweet clue what she is doing other than getting caught up in the energy of running with a mob of children all moving forward.  She was a true wee champion as she keep trucking. She didn’t quite know what or where she was going, but kept moving forward until she saw the parking lot and then made a quick left turn to find the dinosaur. Bonus: there is a dinosaur park at the base of Batawa Ski Hill – a very cool, kid-friendly site!

Once the girls crossed the finish line, they claimed what is most definitely the most provocative race bling – a donkey’s bum, hammered out of metal with a moving tail.  But, that finish line didn’t stop them.  The older girls ran up “Big Smokey” (one of the hills) and then rolled back down. If only we could bottle that energy and be a kid again!

Another perk of running the 1K was that it allowed the clan to cheer Jodi through the Finish line. I know just how much it means to me to hear those encouraging words and see friendly smiles in a sea of faces at the end of a race.  And, just as soon as she crossed the finish line, our families were off to a much deserved celebratory lunch.


All in all, the 1K Big Bum Run was a family-friendly event, right in my own backyard, and I will most definitely attend again next year.

Princess Alana

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