The One with the Most Popular Posts of the Year

It’s that time of year: spending time with family and friends, and taking a break from routine. We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and getting in some R & R: rest and running!

While we enjoy some time away from our computers, we thought it might be a good time to revisit our most popular posts of 2013. The following posts were read and shared more than any others so, if you missed them the first time, here’s your chance to take them in. If you shared these experiences with us online or in person, you might have fun looking back with us too. This compilation of posts actually hits the highlights really well – this was the year of conquering the half-marathon, dreaming big and doing it all in sparkly costumes!

WDW13 136

A year ago, we had not yet run a half-marathon. Now Princess Alana has 2 under her race belt and I went for double the fun, running 4 in 2013. Last Christmas, we were busily preparing for Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon. Today, I am 3 weeks out from the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon in Disneyland which will be the first leg of my Coast to Coast Challenge! I’ll be heading back to Walt Disney World in February to renew my royal status, running the Princess Half as well as the Enchanted 10K in the inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge, an endurance event held over 2 days. My excitement levels about these trips and races rival my daughters’ excitement about Christmas! Giddy is a word that comes to mind…

castle to castle

But before I get caught up looking ahead, join me for a run down memory lane with our top posts of the year in reverse order. (There were too many posts competing for spots 9 and 10, so we’re starting a new trend with the Top 8!)

8. Princess Race Weekend Recap Part 2: The Expo

The one with all the shopping. Clearly, this crowd loves to shop as much as they love to run. (Don’t worry, you’re in good company!)

7. Finding My Brave

The one where I ran 2 half-marathons in one week. Found my brave and my crazy all at once, apparently!

6. Princess Race Weekend Recap Part 1: The Meet-Up

The one about the coveted runDisney Meet-Up where I met my mother runner idols.

WDW13 013

5. Half-Marathon Hangover (Niagara Falls Race Report)

The one where I pulled myself out of the post-race coma to recap my 4th half-marathon and goal race of the Fall season.

4. Saying Yes to the Dress

The one where the race was looming and the costumes weren’t ready. (Spoiler alert: it all worked out!)

3. Princess Alana’s Disney Half-Marathon Recap

The one where Alana races home from Disney World to share all the details.

WDW13 177

2. Princess Race Weekend Recap Part 3: The Half-Marathon

The one with the mile by mile recap of my fairy-tale race in all it’s happily-ever-after glory, with loads of photos!

1. Top 10 Ways to Annoy a Runner

The one that struck a chord with runners everywhere.

Thanks for reading along with us! Happy New Year to all…may 2014 be full of fabulous start lines, strong finishes, best running friends, big goals, lots of bling and many PRs!

~Princess Jodi

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