Happy New Year 2014!

New Year’s Day is one hallmark holiday that creates mixed emotions of appreciation, reflection, and hope.

keep going

As I get older, and so much wiser!, I appreciate this milestone of reaching another year with relief and gratitude. I have a wonderful, happy and healthy family. While I have said good-bye to acquaintances, 2013 has spared me (or maybe it was payback from previous difficult years) and for that I am grateful. I also have a very sincere appreciation for my health and the health of my family and friends. I am also so very appreciative of my 2princessesontherun journey. I have made many new running friends and am in awe of the welcoming running community.

A new year is also a time for reflection. 2013 is a year that I will always treasure. It was a year of dreaming big. With the support of amazing friends, perseverance and determination, it was also a year of great personal success. Not only did I successfully complete the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, I learned so many valuable life lessons and had a blast doing it with my BRF! Balance. Health. Wellness. Positive Attitude. Going into 2014, I definitely have a different perspective on life and how I want to live.

BAMR 005

This is the year of Hope. This year, Jodi and I decided to participate in the New Year’s Day Resolution Run. My girls ran about a half of a km and then moved to the sidelines to cheer our friends on to the finish line. It was important for us to bring in the New Year being active and celebrating together – and fitting that the first time Jodi and laced up this year was together.


Over our yummy post-race lunch, we scribbled with crayon on the paper table cloth and began our plan for 2014. And, for me it was bitter sweet. I realized that our journey is a parallel one. This year, I am the cheerleader for Jodi as she tackles the Coast to Coast Challenge, completing 2 Disney Half-Marathons. While I won’t be able to join her on this adventure, she knows I am her #1 supporter. I also expect to see her compete in her duathlon – and again, I’ll be cheering (glitter pit crew!).

We are planning to run at least 2 half-marathons together, but our focus is also going to be on kid-friendly races as our children have caught the running bug. With my oldest daughter beginning her weekend highland dancing competitions, I have quickly realized that 2014 is going to be one busy year. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and injury free 2014!
Princess Alana

PS I am now on Twitter! Follow my running journey this year @Alanaontherun! And as a reminder, Jodi is already tweeting and will be doing so through her Coast to Coast Challenge, so be sure to follow her @RunPrincessJodi.

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