Ready to Run Like Royalty!

In some ways, running the 2013 Princess Half-Marathon feels like yesterday. In other ways, it seems like ages ago. It was my first half-marathon and an epic goal that kept me focused for months.

WDW13 136

That race, and all of the fanfare that accompanied it, was pure magic. And now here I am, 5 half-marathons later, ready to do it again. It’s time to renew my royal status as a Disney Princess, this time as part of the Coast to Coast Challenge (with the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon) and inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge (Enchanted 10K + Princess Half-Marathon on back-to-back days). The training has been long and hard during a relentless winter, but the work is done. Time for the ball!

My costumes are all set and have been for months. Before the Glass Slipper Challenge was officially announced, I was dreaming about the costume possibilities and had my mind made up on transforming from Peasant Cindy for the 10K to Princess Cinderella for the half-marathon. I guess this year I am dreaming in blue!


I am especially excited to be running the 10K with none other than Dimity McDowell of Another Mother Runner fame! Last year, I met her for the first time, along with the very dear Sarah Bowen Shea, and somehow it is now like a reunion of old friends when we have the chance to get together (make no mistake, I’m still a star-struck fan at heart!).

WDW13 013

After the 10K, I’ll be making another wardrobe change to join my daughters for the One Mile race through Epcot – and truth be told, this may be the moment I am most excited about! I just love that running has become a family sport and we are all training to run Disney.

My partner in crime for the half-marathon is a familiar one: Princess Laural who was by my side for Tink. We are chasing that Coast to Coast together! It is hard to believe that training for the Princess Half last year introduced me to Laural – someone I never would have met otherwise and someone who is now one of my very best running friends. Just another gift that running has given to me!


After the races, I’ll be enjoying a week with the family of playing in the parks. I’ll share all of the details about the races when we get home, but in the meantime I’ll be live updating from Disney on our Facebook page and on Twitter – so please join me there!

Best of luck to my fellow runners and, for those of you cheering from home, just remember: if you can dream it, you can do it!

dream big

~Princess Jodi


9 thoughts on “Ready to Run Like Royalty!

  1. Your costumes are freaking adorable! I just love them! I’m getting so excited reading all these posts about the race this weekend. It seemed like it was going to take forever to get here from sign up back in July, and now its only a few days away! Good luck!!

  2. LOVE your costumes, and so excited for you! I hope to see you there; I’m taking on the GSC this year after running Princess as my first half last year. It’s such a special race, and I’ll be running the 10K with my sister; I’m SO excited! 🙂

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