Princesses Assemble to Smash the Half!

After the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, where I earned my Coast to Coast Challenge medal, I sadly hung up my tiara. It was over. An epic journey that started last year in Florida with my first half-marathon, and took me all the way to California and back again: in the books. And it was really over because I have no plans to run the Princess again. I am fed up with winter training. And, though Princess will always be special to me because you never forget your first, I’m ready to explore other Disney races in the future. In particular, I have my eye on the Wine and Dine Half-Marathon in November 2015. Which is basically an eternity away. Almost 2 years between Disney races? It seemed like a tragic end to my running fairy tale. (Melodramatic much? Who, me?)

disney or bust

While I was still at Disney World, runDisney made a huge announcement introducing a brand new race in California. Tweeting teasers with #smashthehalf  hashtags, runDisney had all of their fans on the edge of their seats. Not this girl though. I was still basking in my accomplishment and celebrating on a family vacation. The hot and humid miles I had just suffered through were fresh in my mind and I was not feeling the usual runDisney mania. It was as if I had just eaten a huge buffet. I was satiated. I was not interested in another bite.


When the highly anticipated announcement came out, I was in Animal Kingdom at the Dino Dig Site. Now, I  was not digging – I was sitting in the sun while my kids were digging. And I saw the news come in: The Avengers Superheroes Half-Marathon Weekend in California, coming this November. Didn’t sound like a very girlie race. Didn’t sound like a place for tiaras. Didn’t sound like the place for me. Continue on with Disney vacation.


So I get back home. I am instantly overwhelmed by the mundane chores of life like laundry and groceries and unpacking and playing catch-up at work. Boom, back to reality. I longingly watched on as Wine and Dine 2014 registration opened and sold out almost immediately. Oh, and I was banging out blog recaps of my Disney Princess races. But, like childbirth, you only remember the good parts once its over. As I shared Princess pictures on Facebook and comments flew back and forth, specifically between me and Laural, I had an out-of-the-blue idea. An epiphany. A crazy thought. Well, isn’t this how all of our great race stories begin?

Maybe hanging up the tiara is ok for now…

Maybe it is time to add a new accessory to my wardrobe…

And maybe that item is a superhero cape!

You know where this is going, right? Yep! PRINCESS POWERS ACTIVATE. It’s time to smash the half!

And just like that, all was right in the world again because I had a Disney race on the calendar! It is very true that these races are expensive, but you know what comes with the steep registration fee? Motivation for months on end. Having a runDisney event to dream about and plan with friends keeps me running and moving forward. So I’ll be flying to California this November to “assemble” and take on the inaugural Avengers Superheroes Half-Marathon! And you know what? I kind of love this idea of ditching the tiara and channeling my inner superhero because running princesses are strong and powerful and fearless. We’re our own breed of superheroes! You can take the tiara off the princess, but running royalty she remains.


Just like I did for Tinker Bell race weekend, this will be a whirlwind trip to California and back – no muss, no fuss (no families either). By the time I have that new runDisney bling around my neck, it will be a 12-month countdown to the Wine and Dine Half-Marathon and our next family vacation to Florida. I can live with that (I think).

I will soon be posting a head-to-head Princess versus Tinker Bell showdown analysis. Fairies vs Princesses. East versus west. And not to spoil it, but I have never loved a course more than Disneyland’s race route. RunDisney west inevitably wins in that category with almost half of the course in the parks! Ahem, not to mention California’s perfect running weather. For me, hitting a runDisney event on the west coast is pretty much runner’s paradise. So whether the theme is fairies or superheroes, the bottom line is this: it’s a California race by runDisney. What else do I need to know?


Assembling with me will be Princess Laural once again because we have a similar lack of rational thought when it comes to runDisney. As soon as one of us says “hey, what about this (insert lastest race scheme)?”, the other inevitably says “OMG, yes we need to do that!” and the rest of the trip plans itself. Registration complete. Hotel booked. Costumes underway. Don’t mess with a princess on a mission to infinity and beyond! We’ve created our own 2014 Challenge: Coast to Coast…to Coast!


Princess Alana was oh so tempted to activate her princess powers and join the dark side, but the race happens to fall on the weekend of her daughter’s birthday. D’oh! So close to getting her back to a Disney start line. But we have lots of races planned together this spring and summer and I still have plenty of time to get her on board for Wine and Dine 2015…

One (Disney) race at a time, right?

~Princess Jodi

Tell Us:  Will you be running the inaugural Avengers Superheroes Half-Marathon? Who have you assembled to run with?

5 thoughts on “Princesses Assemble to Smash the Half!

  1. Aw, you guys are going to have so much fun! I had already signed on for Dumbo again this year, so I’m sitting Avengers out (plus I’m not a huge fan of superheroes, so the temptation just wasn’t there for me this time around). I’m hoping to return for W&D in 2015, also — DEFINITELY one of my favorite races! It’s so exciting to have runDisney events on your calendar. 😀

  2. CANNOT WAIT!!! I was thinking we totally need a runDisney budget. It’s funny because in Disney World it was all about being a princess. I’m so ready to bring out my super hero side. (you know … after I come clean to my family)

  3. You and Laural will have a great time running again in California. Hopefully the weather will be perfect again for your race! We are not doing this one. We are registered for Tower of Terror 10 miler and may do Goofy Challenge at marathon weekend. But my sights are set on the Boston Marathon for 2015 as my big race, and I can’t wait!

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