Some of My Favourite Things

When I first started running, I thought all you needed was a pair of trainers and off you ran! Little did I know that a whole other running retail heaven existed! Admittedly, many purchases are more of the want nature than need. I thought it was important to highlight my top five purchases that I wish I purchased right from day one:


#1) Asics: When I first started running, I thought all running shoes were created equal! I bought a cheaper pair only to succumb to shin splints and monster blisters. It only took me 6 months to figure out that just maybe it was my shoes! After getting fitted at a specialty running store, I was presented with a selection of trainers equivalent to my very own glass slipper. So, don’t make my mistake! Take the time to get fitted properly for running shoes by a professionals! After all, a girl can NEVER have enough shoes!


#2) Sunglasses: At first, I never thought I would ever run and wear sunglasses. This was until I read Dimity’s blog from Another Mother Runner. It was the first time that I realized that just maybe all that squinting could be avoided. Jodi had purchased a fabulous pink pair at the Running Room and she was in love with them. After a couple of window shopping jaunts, I splurged on my very own. Be sure to buy a pair with vents. This helps to prevent fogging. I spent about $70 which was a mid range price point. Now, they are one of my favourite running items.


#3) My Garmin: It is nice to have a running partner that is punctual, supportive and encouraging! I am writing of course about my Garmin running watch! You know you are getting swept up with the running craze when words like pace and intervals begin to creep into your vocabulary. I will never forget when my Garmin arrived in the mail. Training with run/walk intervals became so much easier with a watch that was programmed to do just that. Another feature that I adore is the pacer. I can input the pace that I want to be running at and I can count on Garmin to keep me on track! A feature that Jodi adores is the ability to download runs in order to review, reflect and plan next steps to a stronger run! And, we both love the fun pink and purple colours! I wish I splurged on my Garmin when I first started running.


#4) Yurbuds: Yurbuds are definitely a superior ear phone. I was first introduced to them by Laural at the Disney Princess Half-Marathon Expo. I first doubted their worthiness of such an expensive price tag. But, once I began running with sunglasses, they definitely became a  great companion – goodbye to my earbuds with the over-the-ear strap! Yurbuds really don’t fall out. They don’t hurt when you wear them either! A cool feature is the tangle free cord. So, learn from me, the $30-$50 is worth it!


#5) Yankz: I was running the 10K in the Oasis Zoo Run in Toronto when I just about threw my shoes away. Yes, I was only at about the 2K mark and I was ready to commit to barefoot running. You see I had just bought new runners in preparation for the Disney Princess Half Marathon and I hadn’t got around to changing the laces to the unbelievably wonderful Yankz! Yankz laces that are elastics so they never untie. In fact once you put them in, they form to your foot perfectly. There is nothing more annoying than shoelaces that keep becoming untied in the middle of a race! (Wait a minute-yes there is. But that is for another blog!)


BONUS: Jodi has been waiting for me to do a feature blog on chaffing! Well. We will see about that but in the mean time, the cheapest #1 item that you must have in your running arsenal is Body Glide! I suggest buying two and labelling them! One for the unmentionable areas and one for everywhere else or in my case – my feet! Believe it or not, Body glide is excellent for preventing blisters. Even if those $15 socks promote blister free comfort, I still lather up with Body Glide! I won’t even get into the benefits of gliding everywhere else too! Just trust me on it! Life lesson learned – buy it!

Please note that the above opinions are absolutely mine and only mine. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them. After all, it is a big shopping world out there!

Princess Alana

Tell Us: What are a few of your favourite things?

6 thoughts on “Some of My Favourite Things

  1. I never realized there were sunglasses made for runners…when you were shopping for yours, did you see any that are made to go over prescription glasses?

  2. Great taste in running gear! I have everything you have except for the sunglasses and the Yankz. I know what I am shopping for next! : )

  3. #1 and #3 are definitely on my list, although I’m in the middle of transitioning away from my beloved ASIC Nimbus to Altra Torins. I need need need to get a pair of sunglasses, I though I hated running in them, but it’s probably because I was using $8 drugstore sunglasses and they fogged up and hurt my head. Guess it’s time to pull out the wallet and invest in a real sports pair! The only thing I’d add to your list is Sparkle Skirts! I just can’t run without mine! 🙂

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