Some of My Least Favourite Things

After celebrating some of my favorite things, it only seemed appropriate to warn newbie runners about the some of my least favourite things related to running as well!

zoo 021

#1) “Slimming Tanks”: At first, I thought this was a wonderful invention after deleting many race photos that are far from flattering. But, after trial and error, I quickly came to my senses. This type of tank above (mine, not Princess Jodi’s – she is wearing Pixie Power clothing in this photo) has a compression slip tank underneath that is supposed to smooth all over. Wonderful, right? Wrong. I made the mistake of wearing it to the Toronto Oasis Zoo race. The pictures look great, but that was about it. Once I actually started running, the darn thing kept rolling up. I mean all the way up until I felt like a sausage coming out of a sausage maker! My lesson learned is: test out ALL running apparel before races! (And maybe don’t believe things that sound too good to be true!)

sydenham10K 006

#2) Short Shorts: Okay, both Jodi and I agree that our days of wearing wee shorts are long gone! Then why, as I keep asking her, did she let me run in public in tight shorts under my skirt??? I am totally looking for someone else to blame for my shameful and painful 10K of rolling these silly (substitute a more colourful choice of adjective) shorts down! I deeply apologize to the runners behind me at the Sydenham 10K!

#3) Body Glide: In my last post, I commented on the wonder of Body Glide. But it is a love/hate relationship. What I failed to expand on was the horrific consequences of the inappropriate uses of Body Glide. Do not simply rub it EVERYWHERE like I did in the miserable short shorts catastrophe! And, also be sure to review application practices during test runs. Please, for all those people who run behind you, learn from my blunders!


#4) Hoochie Outfits: What I love most about running in Disney races is that dress-up is expected! Jodi and I totally get excited about matching race outfits. One thing about being in your thirties is that you really don’t care what others think – at least, I don’t. And, we can never be accused of living vicariously through our daughters! However, I really don’t like seeing lingerie type outfits at the start line of a race about female empowerment. So, yes, have fun and dress up, but I caution new runners NOT to test that satin number out in a race. Not only is it rather anti-girl power, but talk about chafing potential!

irangan 023

#5) Running Belts: There is one thing more than anything else in my running world that I despise: running belts! The caution is for anyone who, like me, is pear shaped! It doesn’t matter what weight I am at, those darn belts start where they are supposed to, but by the end, I am sporting an empire level look – not pretty or comfortable! I have learned that I would dehydrate before I wear a fuel belt again. At my first (and last) race wearing my fuel belt, I was dropping the little bottles and bouncing all over the place and getting chafed in the inner arm before the 3K mark. I never dreamt to put Body Glide there – silly me! Instead, I now adore my hand held water bottle of which I have three different sizes depending on the length of run. I wear an arm band to hold my music and fuel.

Again, these views are just based on my observations and (mostly embarrassing) experiences. Runners beware!

Princess Alana

PS Please note that running in a tutu is NOT on my list! We fully support the power of the tutu – even though I am not a fan of tutus getting caught between the legs – also embarrassing, but maybe that is another blog post…”How to Wear a Tutu”. Of course, I am not an expert in THAT category!

3 thoughts on “Some of My Least Favourite Things

  1. I have yet to wear a running belt! I just feel like I would hate it. I am training for my first full this year though and I almost feel like I need one to stay hydrated while running! Gahhh I hope not!

  2. Long time reader, first time commenting…I am so with you on the running belt and the short shorts. As a pear shaped girl it is about finding what works for you… but I keep thinking if I lose the weight won’t the shorts work…and I am always unpleasantly reminded that no-they don’t work.

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