Countdown to Race Day

There are only two weeks to go before my first half-marathon in almost a year.  On May 4, Jodi and I will be running the Toronto Half-Marathon.  I have to admit that I might be looking forward to the girls’ weekend away just as much as the bling at the end of the race!

Thelma & Louise!

Thelma & Louise!

I have the best intentions – most mother runners do!  But, then, life seems to rear its ugly head.  Training hasn’t gone quite as well as I would like.  At first, similar to that euphoric feeling post New Year’s feeling when you haven’t broken your resolutions yet – I began training for this race on the smooth sandy beaches in Myrtle Beach.  Daily 5-7 km walks with the dogs and my Mom in tow were a perfect way to get back on track.

voice 2013 2014 063

Once back on track, I began piling on the miles. I absolutely fell in love with running on the beach.  Later on in the evenings, I would go for my own run and just lose myself in the view of the ocean and ever-changing coastline.

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Then, reality hit once I arrived back home to the Canadian winter still in full force even though it was mid March.  Jodi has my full respect as she trained for not one but TWO half-marathons this winter, on the treadmill no less!  Thankfully, my local running friends, Jennifer and Christine, have helped to keep me motivated as we took to the local Wellness Centre and began running the indoor track at least twice a week. Having a group to motivate you is priceless.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such an awesome running community.


Speaking of BRFs, I brought in another birthday with an amazing 13 km run (16km total) with Jodi. Ironically, this run coincided with my first outdoor run of Spring.  I felt strong and dare I even say fast (well faster than slow), keeping up with my goal pace, smashing my PR for a 10 km.  And then I made a rookie runner’s mistake: I sat down on my favourite bench, enjoying the lake view while I was waiting for Jodi who was running longer – without stretching.  Jodi soon came running by yelling, “Just one more km!” I sprang up to join her and snap…I don’t know if it was my hip, my back, my groin – it was an all over hurt.  One week later and I even had to pass up my long run with a friend over the Easter break!


I joke with Jodi now that we are in “taper” mode where rest rules anyway – but seriously, I would just love to have a normal training session where all my runs go smoothly and I stay injury-free.  Ironically, today I was in a meeting about goal setting.  The gist of the presentation was sometimes when we are searching for a strength in someone, we tend to overlook that something we struggle with may, in fact, be deemed a strength.  So, maybe this training session hasn’t been as consistent as I would like – never giving up has to count for something.  Taking the time to rest the injury instead of running through the injury will hopefully make the difference.  I hope it translates into an injury-free, awesome 21.1km!  For that runner- next-door-type out there who struggles with keeping running routine, just remember that I am running right beside you.

Princess Alana

Tell Us: When life interrupts your running, how do you get back on track?

P.S.  You may have heard by now if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@RunPrincessJodi and @Alanaontherun), that Princess Jodi is bidding for a spot on the Another Mother Runner Ragnar Relay team in Napa Valley! How awesome would it be to see a Princess on the Run on the hand-picked team??? She has been in heavy campaign mode all month long on Twitter, tweeting with #NapaNeedsJodi. Each day, she has shown the judges (Chief BAMRs Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell) WHY exactly Napa Needs Jodi. We are now in the final days as the contest closes on Monday, April 28. Please support our princess in her campaign to be selected for the 12 person BAMR Ragnar Team!!!

All you have to do is follow her on Twitter or check out #NapaNeedsJodi and favorite some of her creative tweets – and feel free to reply with why YOU think she has what it takes to get her Ragnar on! This picture below is just one surprise that I tweeted to the judges with our BRF Laural. Check out Laural’s blog to read more about why we think Jodi should be chosen and even see a video we made! We want to see Jodi win a spot and are happy to lend her to them for the weekend…BUT we need her back!


Winners will be announced on May 5. So if you follow Another Mother Runner, tune in and – laces crossed – maybe we’ll see Jodi’s name in lights!

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Race Day

  1. Running on the beach is certainly the best, maybe not the easiest but definitely the most peaceful runs! I have been following the “Napa Needs Jodi” Campaign and it is awesome. Such creative posts! I have been sidelined with an injury for some time now but what gets me back at it is just going for walks and slowly incorporating some running so I feel like I am at least doing something! Are you both from Canada? Good luck!

    • Yes, we’re both proud Canadian mother runners! We have also both been injured at one time or another and know how much it sucks to be sidelined – keep heart and keep moving! Sounds like you are doing all the right things. PS Thanks for your support of Jodi as she competes to get her Ragnar on!!!

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