Cheers…Napa Needs Jodi!


As you may know, I recently threw my (wicking, sparkle) hat in the ring to be chosen for the Badass Mother Runner Ragnar Relay team, running from San Francisco to Napa Valley this September. The contest was RUN by Another Mother Runner and, if you have spent any time on this blog, you know how enamored we are with the founders, Sarah and Dimity. Like, we kind of want to BE them when we grow up.


In Mid-March, they announced the second annual contest to create a truly badass mother runner team. So how do you get on this awesome team? You apply. 11 mother runners (10 runners + 1 alternate) are then hand-picked based on the creativity of their entries. No pressure, right?

I spent the entire month of April virtually campaigning for a spot on the team via Twitter with #NapaNeedsJodi. I tried to show them – every day – why they needed me on their team. I included pictures of my training, my packing, and my fabulous fan club. It kind of took on a life of its own as the month went on and I never expected to have so much fun with it! Or have so many people get involved with it! Or actually make some new friends because of it!

You know what else I didn’t expect?


The team was officially announced this morning on the Another Mother Runner blog and, there in black and white, was my name at the top of the list. Mine! So excuse me if this post is not coherent because my mind is spinning with thoughts of an epic relay with my favourite mother runners in one of my favourite places. Picture it: running over Golden Gate Bridge in a tutu with a crew of new BRFs in tow – including your running idols! I am one lucky mother runner.


Being chosen for the team also means getting to test so many cool running products! Another Mother Runner has many amazing sponsors, such as Tough Girl Tutus, Saucony, 110%, Nuun, GU and many more. Together, these partners will get us outfitted and hydrated and fuelled and ready to run.


I am so excited to get to know my team. Together, we’ll cover 197 miles (317 kilometres eh!) over 48 hours. We’ll each run 3 legs during that time, covering approximately the equivalent of a half-marathon. We’ll be starting in San Francisco (hello, hill training: you will need to become my friend) and running all the way to Napa Valley. Oh, and at one point we’ll run through the Valley of the Moon. I have no idea where this is, but I am in love with it based on the name alone. Running all day, all night in tutus across beautiful California. Pinch me.


The joke is on my brother as now that I am on the team, there is NO WAY I will stop talking about it! Lots more to come on this adventure as our team gets trained and ready to run Napa. I’ll drink to that!

~Princess Jodi


7 thoughts on “Cheers…Napa Needs Jodi!

  1. Congratulations! Cannot wait for this race and to meet you! I want to be Dimity and Sarah when I grow up, too! 🙂 #NapaHereWeCome and #JodiandLauraMustBeInTheSameVan!!!!!

  2. Congrats!!! How exciting! I would love to run a Ragnar relay one day, but getting to do one on a big team like this is very exciting! I can’t wait to read all about it!

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