Summer Running: Handana Review and Give-Away

It is THAT time of year again. After lamenting a record winter of snow and ice which forced many runners indoors and onto the dreadmill for months on end, we now enter the hot and sticky months of summer, battling heat and humidity. I tried to enjoy the 2 months of mayflies, wind and rain in between, really I did. At least I was back outside. But is it just me, or is there really only one season of good running? I love the fall months when the air turns crisp and the temperatures drop and leaves change color to provide a beautiful backdrop to every run. Alas, that is months away. For the foreseeable future, the forecast will be:

heat index

So how do we survive the heat? Below are some of the ways I stay cool(er) when it’s hot, hot, hot along with some tips I have learned along the way from running friends:

  • Run early in the morning or later in the day
  • Try to find a shaded path
  • Plan a route with water fountains so you can refill on the run (if not possible, drive the route beforehand and stash cold water bottles along the way)
  • Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are your friend
  • Chilly neck towels can keep you cool
  • Freeze your water bottle overnight and let it thaw as you run which will keep it nice and cold for the duration – and also force you to ration!
  • Say YES to running through sprinklers if you are lucky enough to pass by them
  • Ice cubes under your hat and in your bra: don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Some of these may be “same old, same old” things you have heard a million times. So I am happy to add a new one to my list! I was recently given the opportunity to try a Handana, which is exactly what it sounds like: a bandana for your hand.


This helps to wipe the sweat away as you run. I have also found it helpful with watery eyes in wind and a runny nose during allergy season! I have run with it slightly chilled as well which helped to offer moments of refreshing relief on the run. I hate the humidity and am always looking for new tools in my arsenal against the heat, so I was thrilled to find this!

It is made of soft, wicking Lycra fabric that wraps around your hand, leaving your fingers free to crack open your water bottle or rip open a GU. It is very lightweight and comfortable. I generally run with wrist bands in the heat for the same reason, but found this to be so much better on the run because there is more fabric to wipe away the sweat and it is easier to access on your hand. Not to mention, it looks fabulous! It is durable, machine washable, and comes in many different sizes and colors. You could match one to every running outfit! (Yes, these are the things I think about.)


After I had run with it a few times, I realized I could expand my usage by trying it on my bike. Like many cyclists, I wear gloves when riding and was thrilled to find I could use my Handana as well. It feels great on the bike. I have also seen Handanas in action for yoga or raquet sports so think outside the run!

Do you ever hear of these kinds of ideas and wonder how someone ever came up with them? I certainly do! Learn more about Handana here, including the backstory which is remarkable:

So, do you want to try one? Well, you are in luck because we have one to give-away to a reader just in time for summer! Our lucky winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Wednesday, June 25!


To enter, use the Rafflecopter Give-Away link below. We’re asking you to share your best tip for summer running by leaving a comment on this post, “like” us on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and/or tweet about the give-away. Good luck to all…may the odds be ever in your favour!

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATED: We have a winner! Congratulations Tammy McConnell George! Please head on over to our Facebook page to message us and claim your prize.

~Princess Jodi

Tell Us: What is your best tip for staying cool on the run?


47 thoughts on “Summer Running: Handana Review and Give-Away

  1. LOVE this! And I soooo want to win 🙂 Obviously, because we need to match. (but I’ll probably buy one anyway.)

  2. The best way I stay cool on a run is by starting at 5am! Much cooler temps and beat most of the sun! But when the low is 74 degrees it is hot hot hot!

  3. I run in the early morning or in the evening to beat the heat. I also find that running in the woods is much more bearable than on city streets!

  4. If hitting a specific pace during your long run is important to you, set your alarm and get up when it’s cooler. Otherwise, slow the heck down. And don’t forget electrolyte tabs or salt tabs. Oh, and my favorite: twist your husband’s/partner’s arm to skate or bike support for you so you’ll have as much water, snacks, sunscreen, etc. as you need to make it through the heat.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try one of these! I have no special tip. I think it’s best to run consistently through spring and early summer so your body can adapt (relatively) slowly. The worst is when you take a week off or run indoors and then face a big change in heat & humidity. Here, it’s warm and very humid in the am, less humid but hot in the evening. There’s no escape! I tell myself I’m getting faster and fitter and I’ll feel ah-mazing this Fall!

  6. On shorter runs I use a water bottle that has a sleeve for my hand so I can hold it while running. This keeps it right there and ready for a quick hydration. On longer runs, I use a hydration belt. Keep hydrated people!

  7. Do I dare say it? I purchased some baby teething rings (the kind that have water in them and you freeze them) and place in my bra and inside my inner pocket on my running shorts. It helps me to feel cooler and was much neater then using ice cubes, plus they are reusable! Of course my kids are now 18 and 20 YEARS old so explaining why I wanted teething rings got a few weird looks!

  8. Run before the sun, use a hydration belt, and don’t forget the sunscreen! It’s not just about burns, but you are getting a lot of extra sun/UV exposure. I use natural zinc oxide-based creams because they don’t burn when the sweat drips in my eyes.

  9. You pretty summed it all up but honestly running at 5:30 to 6:00am despite how hard it is to get out of bed is the best way to get those long runs in before the sun comes up.

  10. The way I keep cool on summer runs is like others have said run at 6:00am and find shaded running routes. I look for the most tree lined streets I can find and I know I’ll be running at a slower pace.

  11. I always run at night and bring plenty of water. And as much as I hate it, if it’s just too hot, I stick to the treadmill

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  13. Holy cow it’s hot here. My best tip: run before the sun comes up. Yep. I’m up at 4am to get it done. But it starts my day off well! Thanks for linking up with Tuesdays on the Run Jodi!

  14. I tie a bandanna around my head and put my super light weight hat on top to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I also use a hand held water bottle that is insulated that I fill with ice and water to carry with me. .

  15. Thanks so much for linking up with us! I have to admit that I hate the summer, living in Florida is just miserable for the entire summer! Handana is a great product and yes, the inventor’s story is just so inspiring!

  16. I bring a hand held water bottle to make sure I stay hydrated! This product looks awesome though, I think this would really help cool me off!

  17. I either run early morning or later evening in the heat, or I just don’t run. I don’t deal with heat and humidity well.

  18. I run early, but the heat and humidity is already packing a punch this year. I’d love one of these! I think putting a teething ring in your sports bra is an excellent idea – I’m going to be trying that one out!

  19. I think my best summer running tip is to be accepting; accept that it is hot, accept that you are going to get sweaty and gross, accept that your body is going to adjust as needed and therefore you need to accept that you are probably not going to run as fast as your normally would. 🙂 I need to work on my own tip! Love the handana!

  20. Depending on how far I go I determine my hydration container be it a hand held or camelbak. I always wear sunscreen and sweat wicking clothing.

  21. Lots of moisture wicking clothing and sunscreen- though for princess this year I carried a washcloth in my sparkle skirt to wipe the sweat as well!

    • Brilliant! I ended up running with paper towel in my hand at Princess because I really needed a towel as well. Oh, that heat. Ugh. These days, I don’t need to run with paper towel – I can run fashionably ever after with Handana! Now if only I had discovered this in time for Princess, I am sure I could have matched one to my Cinderella costume!!!

  22. What a cute product idea and one I can tell will work! My clutch tip for staying cool on hot summer runs is to drink a very cold glass of water or two BEFORE heading out for a run. Makes a huge difference.

  23. If I am running in 85 degrees or higher I have on a damp perfect towel from Costco. That is the only place I’ve seen them but haven’t really looked either. But when I can only run 2 miles in the heat I head back out in the evening. The hot temp slows me down more than the lateness of the evening run.

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