Always a Princess, Just Not This Year

Well, the royal hoopla has started. Early registration for Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon opens this week to annual passholders and Disney Vacation Club members, and it will be open to the public next week. Having earned my tiara twice, I won’t be registering to renew my royal status this year. I am at peace with that decision. I am feeling princess-ed out. I am excited to look ahead to other Disney races (and even some non-Disney races — gasp!).

WDW13 192

And yet, being a Princess is complicated.

The excitement of registration has been a defining moment the past 2 years. The first year I registered, I purposely booked that day off work. I could not fathom concentrating on anything else. I remember sitting by my computer, with Alana right there in real-time via text messaging, as we waited for THAT MOMENT when we could make our crazy dream of running a half-marathon a little more real. It was the scariest and most exciting feeling to hit SUBMIT and send our dreams off into cyberspace.

Last year, it was exciting in a different way because I was registering for my Coast to Coast with Princess and Tinker Bell Half-Marathons, trying to secure one of the limited combo registrations to ensure a clear path to that glorious pink C2C medal — and entry to my first race challenge, the Glass Slipper Challenge (Princess 10K + Half-Marathon on consecutive days). Although Alana was not planning a Princess repeat, we had made another dear BRF on our journey to the castle and Princess Laural was ready to make the royal commitment to earn her wings and tiara. Again, locking it in and seeing that confirmation in black and white was exhilarating.

WDW13 159

But there was more. There was planning the Disney vacation and making dining choices and thinking about costumes and just knowing that a big, magical goal was waiting to be realized. There is something to be said for having a runDisney event on your race calendar. Don’t get me wrong, I still have one: I’ll be earning my superhero cape at the Disneyland Avengers Superheroes Half-Marathon in November. But it’s not a family trip to Walt Disney World — and that is  very noticeably missing on my calendar and will be until Wine and Dine 2015 registration opens. #wompwomp

I am not questioning my decision to sit out Princess. But I am feeling nostalgic. This race is what started it all for me. It made me a runner. It reunited Alana and I, bonding us in a way we can’t even explain. It introduced me to Laural, who is now a go-to person in my life for all things, not just running. It’s the race where I first met Another Mother Runner‘s Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell, my ultimate running idols (and as you may know, I am now training as part of their Badass Mother Runner Ragnar Relay team!).

WDW13 013

In year 1 at Princess, Laural and I managed to make it into the coveted (and now sadly defunct) Meet-Up which was the perfect pixie dust to our running fairy tale. Both years have included celebration dinners in Cinderella’s Castle. The memories are so precious, a perfect mixture of family and friends who feel like family, magic, celebration, accomplishment and sparkle. This race has represented making the impossible totally and irrevocably possible.

princess_MK sign

Before I make myself teary and head for the runDisney site with credit card in hand, I should remind myself it was not ALL rainbows and sunshine. I will not miss training through a Canadian winter. I will not miss those hours and hours on my treadmill, slogging it out during ice storms and frost quakes and record snowfalls. I will not miss going from one extreme to the other, running in the sweltering humidity of Florida where Princess race weekend is most often graced with unseasonably hot and sticky temperatures. I will not miss being in the World during a time of refurbishment (for the love, Splash Mountain, I miss you so muuuuuch!). I will not miss worrying about cancelled or delayed flights to or from Florida (OK, to more than from — there would be worse things than being stranded in the most magical place on earth!).

WDW13 202

Sitting this one out is a measured decision, but it’s bitter sweet. My first half. My first big running goal. Claimed with BRFs and family cheering me on. Running the Kids Races with my girls. Showing them that running is cool and fun and hey, if you live the runner’s life, you get to travel to amazing places like Disney! Life lessons, I tell you. And memories that will last a lifetime too.


For those princesses registering, whether to earn that tiara or renew your royal status, I wish you all the best. Go forth and be royal! Make your commitment to the event and train for it. Let every run take you that much closer to the Castle. Pick a pretty costume or outfit that will make you feel like royalty as you run to claim your hard-earned medal. And know that your miles at the Princess Half will be a wonderful, joyous, magical victory lap in return for all of your hard work and brave dreams.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: anyone can be a princess, if you just believe.

~Princess Jodi

Tell Us: Will you be registering to run like a princess?

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14 thoughts on “Always a Princess, Just Not This Year

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I ran PHM in 13 and GSC in 14 and had such a great time. I feel very nostalgic and sad about missing it next year and sitting out all the early registration excitement. I have chosen to be a pirate instead this year and am doing the 8k and 15k challenges at Gaspirilla that weekend in Tampa. Good luck on your Ragnar!!!

  2. I am repeating this one and it was my first half and runDisney event in 2011. I understand your sentiments completely, and have lessened the number of runDisney events I am doing by alot. There are lots of other superb races, that require lots less cash and can be just as fun. I hope your Ragnar relay is an absolute blast. Can;t wait to read your recap!

  3. I also decided not to go back to PHM Weekend this year – I had a blast at GSC last year but I decided to go after a spring 2015 marathon and it just wasn’t in the cards travel and money wise. Like you, I’m looking forward to a different runDisney weekend on my calendar coming up – Disneyland – but after that I’ll also not be returning to Disney until Wine & Dine 2015 – as part of Dopey Challenge 2016 training 😉 Plan ahead much? Just think of it this way – the money we saved not doing GSC 2015 is going toward many future runDisney races. And there’s something to be said for a variety of destinations and medals. Run Rock ‘n’ Roll is my other drug of choice 🙂

    PS GREAT shot of you with the princes – mine did not come out nearly so well.

    • Girl after my own heart with all of those races planned so far in advance! Disneyland will be a treat, especially if it is your first “runDisney west” experience – the courses have so much more park time! Maybe I’ll see you at the start line of Wine and Dine 2015! Good luck with the spring marathon too!

  4. Great post! Disney Princess was also my first half, and I’m itching to sign up again too! Now that I moved to Alaska I know that flying there will cost a ton and it’s just not in the cards this year. Also, I’ve never run through an Alaskan winter and I don’t want to sign up for anything that will cause me to do that! We will just have to put our princess costumes away this year and hope to get back there soon!

    • A fellow princess of the north! We’ll just have to shine in our tiaras in this part of the world for a while! As for returning, I don’t know — it is also really exciting to branch out and try new Disney events. And at the rate they are expanding, there may be new races to try for many years to come!

  5. So great, Jodi. I’m not planning a return this year either (although I signed up last year at the last minute, so you never know…) and I still got those ‘early registration butterflies’.
    Ah, life…

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