Christmas in July! (Ragnar Relay Swag)

Santa came early this year! Last week, I received my much-anticipated Ragnar Relay swag package from Another Mother Runner. This was one of the many perks associated with winning a spot on their Ragnar Relay Napa Valley team. As if the opportunity to travel to California and run on a team with my idols wasn’t enough, this hefty amount of swag appeared on my doorstep:

ragnar swag

As a runner, I am always interested in trying new products and testing the latest gear. So it was a Christmas-in-July kind of moment to have some fun with all of my new swag, including my new team outfit! I adore the pink running tutu from Tough Girl Tutus, the fierce team tee from Another Mother Runner, and the Headsweats hat.


I was also thrilled to receive compression socks from 110% Play Harder, perfect for recovering after that hard effort — such as my hot and humid 9-miler on Sunday. My legs were much happier inside these cozy new socks. (And as for the tutu, well, I pretty much wear it any chance I get now because it is just so cute! Is that weird?)


I was also surprised to receive a new Soleus watch in a rather badass color combo of purple/black, with a motivational message on the back. I love it! Another item that I am wearing all.the.time.


And that is not all! I also got a Trigger Point foam roller, Ultimate Direction hand held, Sof Sole inserts and socks, nutrition (GUs, chomps, sports bars), Nuun drink tabs, 110% Play Harder running buff, Dansko foot care scrubs and lotions — and a personal note from Chief BAMR, Sarah Bowen Shea, who I’ll be sharing a van with in Napa Valley. She seems to know me pretty well already, based on the notecard being addressed to “Princess Jodi”. (Ahem. I love her.)

As if that were not enough, more surprises are on the way from Saucony and we’ve been told to ensure there is extra space in our suitcases when we land in San Francisco! I am feeling like my Fairy Runmothers have found their running princess. It’s a Cinderella story, with running shoes and a tutu!

swag run

I was so excited to test out some of my new gear on my long run this weekend and I do believe the positive energy associated with these items helped to power my run! Thank you to Sarah & Dimity at Another Mother Runner and all of their partners for this fabulous prize package. Ho ho ho!

~Princess Jodi

Tell Us: If you could choose a Fairy Runmother to grant your running wishes, who would it be? And what would you wish for?

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