Falling Back In Love…With Running

I’m back! Life has been crazy on my homestead and while I know that is no excuse – sometimes life just happens.

Yes, I am that type of runner that some of you just might relate to. First, running and I have a love/hate relationship. I love to hate it – especially when I get into a slump. Then why do I run and put myself through training? Good question – a question that I have been toiling with these summer months. Although I find running hard and finding time to run challenging, I have fallen in love with the time spent pounding the pavement and I love how I feel after accomplishing a goal. I have also learned so much about myself – some things that even my family members don’t understand. I need (no, require) a goal to attain – kind of like a cat chasing a mouse.  And, that goal has its own requirements: a longer running distance, good BRF companionship, SPARKLE, a fun weekend, a hot tub and of course, race BLING! It doesn’t need to happen a million miles away, but a Half Marathon race twice a year somewhere is definitely crucial. Hey – don’t judge me. A girl needs what a girl needs.

1452122_623753917705069_2140974002847470674_nWhere did this realization come from?  Those of you who have been following our blog are well aware of my fave BRF Jodi’s future adventures. She is on the road to Ragnar with Another Mother Runner, and then headed to earn her superhero cape at Disneyland’s Avengers Half-Marathon. First of all – I am her biggest fan and so proud of her accomplishments and struggles when it comes to her running goals. I was applauding from the sidelines. I thought that I had attained a place that I was fine with running a few times a week for health and that major running goals no longer mattered for me.  Well, I was wrong.  What happened was that I slipped out of routine. After all, would it really matter if I missed one of my training runs? For some of you, maybe not. Maybe you would pick up where you left off soon enough. But, for me what happened is that life got in the way and I fell back into my own ways of making excuses: too tired, busy with the kiddies, freaking exhausted, busy packing, busy unpacking, blah blah blah. And, perhaps I did indeed need “a separation” in my running relationship.  But, thanks to some amazing people in my life, I am back running and remember why I began in the first place.

laundry better

Sometimes people need a wee push – or in my case, a huge shove in the right direction.  I still to this day don’t know if they were in “cahoots”, but Jodi was texting me lovingly asking me how running was going. Ahhhhhhh…….she knows when I go silent it means trouble. Shortly after, Begonia, a running friend (who, ahem, just happens to work with Jodi: coincidence?) texted me out of the blue. She asked if I was interested in training virtually together.  She recently took time off from running and was eager to get running again. Then, a friend from school started asking me questions about how to take the first steps: running shoes, training plans etc. The final sign for me from up above was my wee nephew who isn’t so wee anymore.  When he asked to join me, I knew it was time to find balance again and run.

GetAttachment (3)

Right away, Begonia shared a great training plan and the rest is history.  With only 9 weeks to my next race, training is successfully underway. Perhaps, there is a runner out there that shares my story that needs a push. Well, here is my push to you. You CAN do it. You CAN find time in a crazy schedule. The DISHES will wait. The LAUNDRY will wait (until later :0 ) Life WILL wait for at least 40 – 90 minutes three times a week. And, I do attest that I feel better and stronger already.

run time

Please give a shout out to who or what keeps you motivated when you are falling out of love with running. Perhaps, we can inspire each other. I want to thank my #1 SIS for looking after the kiddies so I could squeeze in my run this afternoon. For me, each Sunday, the day of my long run, I will post an update. I realize that this is more for me as I need to be held accountable. And, hopefully, my honesty will resonate with those of you runners who are struggling with consistency. And, my first piece of advice is “DON’T THINK” – just get your runners on and go!

But, for today – I ran my long run strong. After all, if I hadn’t, just what would I blog about?!

Princess Alana

3 thoughts on “Falling Back In Love…With Running

  1. I love this post! Like you, Alana, I need a goal. I’ll be the first to admit that I really enjoy the times between goals because a break is soooooo good. But, if I don’t have something on the horizon I just don’t do it. (and even though it’s not announced yet. SPOILER ALERT. The new goal made me cry this morning)

  2. I took the last seven weeks off from running…I knew I had a break between races, and my right knee had started giving me problems, plus I started a new job, and at my new job’s gym, so it just seemed like the thing to do.

    Like you, I need a goal (generally a race), or I just have trouble feeling motivated. Running is something I only started last year, and it never feels “easy” for me. But I love the feeling I get when I do it anyway!

    So this past Saturday was my first race and “real” run (a 5k) since June…and now I need to get back to my regular routine as all the fall races I registered for in the spring will start coming hot and heavy at the end of next month.

    The longer you break, the harder it is to start up again, I think, but it’s so worth it!

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