Ragnar Napa Valley in 200 Words


200 words…that was the task given to us by the Chief BAMRs and Team Captains, Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell. After almost 38-hours of racing and 5 months of anticipation, trying to sum it all up in 200 words was almost as difficult as my 3rd leg (ahem: almost ). So while I come out of my “Ragnover” and get caught up on the rest of my life, I wanted to share the 200(ish) words I found to describe this experience. If I had to pick just one? INTENSE.

Leg 1: BOOM! #NailedIt

Leg 1: BOOM! #NailedIt

I planned, trained and dreamed about Ragnar for months. But nothing could properly prepare me for what was ahead. As a relay virgin, I had no idea what I was in for. Maybe that is part of the beauty.

One by one, we're killing our legs

One by one, we’re killing our legs

So what IS Ragnar? It’s running, road tripping, camping, and tailgating. It’s a slumber party. It’s slap-happy sleep deprivation. It’s fields of vans and port-a-potties. It’s getting lost and, later, found. It’s going off the grid. It’s a different reality where time stands still yet flies by. It’s running up a killer hill on leg 1 and pushing the pace because you flew across the country to do exactly that (and Sarah might pass you in the van at any given moment!). It’s flying along a night leg at 3 a.m., totally outside your comfort zone, but more alive than ever. It’s beautiful misery on a third leg that tests and rocks you to the core: when hellish heat and unrelenting sun render you desperate and defeated, but you have a team counting on you to go the long, lonely distance.

Running morning, NUUN and night!

Running morning, NUUN and night!

Ready to light up the night!

Ready to light up the night!

It’s the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. It’s putting the “tough” in Tough Girl Tutus. It’s laughter and tears, dance parties, singing out loud, hair braiding, and new BRFs. It’s slapping on the lipstick and rocking the princess ponytail, no matter what is thrown at you. THIS is Ragnar.

Celebrating the survival of Leg 3

Celebrating the survival of Leg 3

To read the recaps of the rest of the team, check out the mother of a recap at Another Mother Runner.

We are badass RAGNARIANS!

We are badass RAGNARIANS!

Thank you to my new BRFs I had never met, but now can’t wait to see again: Melissa, Laura, JMart, Smitha, Jen, Erin, Lisa, Kelly and Kim!

~Princess Jodi

Tell Us: Have you ever one a relay race? How would you describe the experience?

6 thoughts on “Ragnar Napa Valley in 200 Words

  1. I’m so so SO glad you had an amazing time!!! I love my annual Girlfriend relay. It’s our summer getaway/girlfriend time…and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. You described it perfectly. 😉 And you always want to go back for more… Can’t wait to read more details from YOU. I LOLed the whole time I was listening to the podcast yesterday, so glad I saved it for my run.

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