Two Nights Before the T.O. Scotiabank Race

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Two nights before the T.O. Scotiabank Half Marathon race and Jodi and I are texting back and forth.  My bags are half packed and I am double checking for my sports bra! Our BRF, Laural, is ready and set for a momentous event that we are so excited to share in.  It will be her first MARATHON and we will definitely be the loudest ones cheering her on!  Purple is the colour of our sparkle and glitz.  After all, we get just as excited with the bling as with the race itself!


There is only one thing that is nagging on my mind.  My recent diagnosis of turf toe is playing havoc with my psych.  KT tape and ibuprofen are all packed.  Am I crazy to attempt 21km or shall 5km suffice?  Or, as suggested by people who care, maybe my role is to cheer.  I ask myself just why can’t my training ever go as planned.  Then, I say suck it up and just deal with what is. No guilt. Listen to advice.  I am hydrated and otherwise healthy and so looking forward to a weekend with my BRF’s, Jodi and Laural.  This weekend isn’t about me.  What I am most looking forward to is cheering my BRF’s on.  After all, I know just how important it is to have that someone in the crowd!

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A special shout out to a new BRF: Begonia – thanks so much for the last couple of month’s virtual training.  I appreciate your humour, sound advice and down to earth attitude!  So, off to bed to dream of running miles in my head.  I would love to hear from any BAMR that has the same injury.  Have you run a race with turf toe?  What would your advice be to me?

Princess Alana

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