Running Down Memory Lane: 2014 in Review

Happy New Year!

First things first, it has been a long while since I have blogged which is so very unlike me. I had a super-charged, intense 2014 racing calendar that started running Coast to Coast with the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge. And it never slowed down as I ran 2 other half-marathons after those ones, as well as my first duathlon and, of course, the mother of all relays: Ragnar Napa Valley. By the time I finished Ragnar, I was, well, finished. Finished with training, finished with running, finished with talking about running, finished with writing about running. Just done. Only I couldn’t be done because on the heels of Ragnar (while I was very much in a “Ragnover”), I had 3 more races back to back. And all I wanted to do was sleep and sit on my couch!

I did finish those races, but then I went on strike. For the first time since I started running 3 years ago, I was BURNED OUT. I needed a break from all of it. But here’s the kicker: soon into my self-imposed hiatus from training, I missed having a goal. I started to flounder. I did get back to running, but I had no purpose and I had no passion. I started to worry that it was gone for good. I started to panic at the thought of one day looking back on all of these races from a place where it all seemed impossible again. I wondered if the couch would take the place of my beloved running shoes simply because I lost my get up and go. I wanted to get up and find it, but I was too tired!

However, slowly (very slowly) but surely, I started to find my stride again. With no real running goals on the horizon, and as I struggled to find any races that inspired me at all, I took some advice from Dimity McDowell, one of my Ragnar captains and half of the dynamic duo that is Another Mother Runner. She told me to find a different sort of goal, non race related, to light the fire. With that, I looked back on my mileage for the year. I had originally set a goal to run 1,000 kilometres in 2014 and I had been logging my runs, but I hadn’t totaled them. With 2 injuries and time off the long runs to train for my duathlon, I had considered that goal out the window. I was surprised when I added everything up to find that it was still within my reach, but I’d have to run with a lot of discipline through December to reach it. It was the kick-start I needed! And, running my 1,000th kilometre felt fantastic.

While I was on that run, I had a lot of time to reflect on 2014 – the highs, the lows, the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. And it seemed fitting to think about some PRs of a different sort…

Most Magical Run: Tinker Bell Half-Marathon

Proudest Moment: Finishing my 1st duathlon despite heavy rain, ear buds that did not work, and a SNAKE on the course

sydenham finisher
Run That Most Kicked My (Bad)Ass: Ragnar Relay Napa Valley Leg 3

Most Inspiring Run: CIBC Run for the Cure with K.Lo’s Krew

klo krew2014
Most Emotional Run: Princess Half-Marathon where I earned my Coast to Coast and Glass Slipper Challenge medals


I also had the privilege of running a dear friend through her first 10K running event! It was the week after Ragnar and my legs felt like lead, but it was so special to cross the finish line with Michelle – I was so proud of her, and honored to share those miles with her. If you ever get a chance to do this for a friend, do it! (And yes, those are backpacks we’re wearing: it was a 10K with 6 fitness challenges and weighted backpacks…just ouch).


So, yes, it was a big year with a lot of big moments. And it was a year with some real challenges. But I’m proud of it all. I ran into 2015 with a lot of excitement for everything to come…I’ll save those details for now, but we have lots planned which we’ll share soon. Our motto for the year? Summed up nicely here!

~Princess Jodi

Tell Us: Do you have a running motto for 2015?

6 thoughts on “Running Down Memory Lane: 2014 in Review

  1. You had a fantastic year and should be proud of all you accomplished. I also ran/paced a friend to her first marathon in 2014 and it was one of my highlights of the year. 2015 is a big year for me as I train for the Boston Marathon in April. I still need to pinch myself that it really is me running that race with my big sister! Here’s to a great 2015!

  2. It sounds like a great year! So what if your get up and go got up and went away for a while. It’s good to take a step back and decide whether you want to continue something or try something new. Happy 2015!

  3. Way to get your mojo back! Looks like you had an amazing year!

    I don’t have a motto for 2015, but I am looking forward to a little break after my first (and last) marathon. I love racing and the race environment but the training is getting to me. I definitely don’t want to burn out so I’m going to just take it easy and enjoy.

    Happy New Year!

  4. No motto as of yet – just focusing on getting through the Disney World marathon on Sunday at the moment. But I love that you lost and then re-found your race mojo. I don’t have any races scheduled after the end of January and I’m feeling like it’s time for a break. Great post!

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