Running into 2015!

ny6Last blog, Princess Jodi took a run down memory lane including highlights of her most memorable moments from 2014.   This week, let me share how 2015 came in like a lion. Roar!

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Since Jodi and I began this blog only three short years ago, running the New Year’s Resolution Run has become quite a tradition for our two families.  Each year, I load the girls in the car and make the 1.5 hr trek to Jodi’s.  I was shocked to discover the change in weather as we drove down the highway.  Where we live, there was no snow and although it was quite cool, I welcomed the thought of my first run with my girls in the brisk winter air.  Shockingly, once I arrived to our destination, the weather was more like blistery white-out conditions.  Thank goodness we were appropriately dressed in lots of layers.  My girls were so excited as they shouted out how awesome their mom was to let them run in this snow globe like winter wonderland.

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Along with a multitude of semi-crazed running peers, we gathered in the large gymnasium. There were people of all ages. The experienced marathoner waited beside a mother with a baby in the jogging stroller.  The children were playing tag.  Most adults waited quietly, reconnecting with running BRFs and discussing goals for the new running season.  Garmins were getting ready to pace the first run of 2015. Jodi and her oldest daughter, Paige, were tackling the 5 km. I was supervising the 1 km with her youngest, Presley, and my Luisa and Luana.

As I took the traditional group picture of the girls, it really hit home how much of an impact our running has had on our family life. I ran my first race at 35. My daughters ran theirs at under 2 and 4 years old respectively! Fast forward 3 years later, and it was so cute to see Paige warming up and fiddling with her brand new Garmin that she had just unwrapped for Christmas! Luisa and Presley were talking pace and discussing strategy. Seriously! Albeit, their strategy was to just go for it. As I overheard many runners discussing resolutions for 2015, I realized right there and then what mine was: no matter what, just go for it. I will be FIERCE!


And then Paige and Jodi were off and running through wind and snow. The little ladies and I gathered at the starting line of the 1 km. And, in the snowy morning of 2015, we all ran.  I was so proud of Luisa for pacing with Presley.  They were so excited that they were allowed to “run it for real” this year.  There would be no looking back or waiting for the younger counterpart who just turned 4 on December 30th. They were going for it!  Meanwhile, little Luana had ideas of her own.  After 250 metres, she couldn’t contain herself any longer. “Mommy – I need a break”, she said and assumed the snow angel position!  To my toddler, nothing could compete with the first real snow fall of the year.  So, after managing to coax her back to the starting line, we arrived just in time to witness Presley and Luisa running across the finish line.  Not soon after, Paige and Jodi completed an impressive time considering the icy conditions.


Our day wouldn’t be complete without out traditional lunch at Montana’s where Jodi and I, not the kids, attacked the paper table cloth with crayons making a list of our running aspirations for 2015.  Much has changed in the past three years as far as my own life goals.  The one thing that has not changed is my appreciation for my running friendships and the moments that we make happen.  I adore being surrounded with positive women that together, can make any dream come true. Although traveling far and wide to Disney or idyllic warm destinations is not in my cards for 2015, I so look forward to our local kids and BRF race weekends. In fact, I treasure those moments.  Ironically, I don’t treasure those rare weekends because I am kid-free (I miss them terribly while away), but because the accomplishment of completing a running goal translates into a far more important meaning to me.


For me, I also realized that the new year has more to do with setting a bucket list of sorts rather than determining resolutions that I pretty much break every year anyway. My bucket list includes running more with my daughters, BAMR race weekends in the fall and spring, blogging consistently, running for the cure with K. Lo’s Krew, participating in relays with BRFs, welcoming a special BRF to 2princessesontherun (coming soon!), and experimenting more with virtual training partners.  Most importantly, I wish to focus on running in the moment and not wishing any miles away!

With this mentality, I look forward to 2015.

Princess Alana

Tell Us: Do you have any running resolutions?


2 thoughts on “Running into 2015!

  1. I LOVE the idea of your goal to be not wishing any miles away. That’s so tough for me, and a good one to remember 🙂 Can’t wait to share this year’s journey with you.

  2. I’m planning on running in one race per month this year. And I’m participating in Run The Edge’s 2015 miles in 2015 with my mom & my sister!

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