Introducing Princess Laural

Anyone who reguarly reads our blog knows that our training for the 2013 Princess Half-Marathon changed our lives in many ways. One of the most unexpected gifts of choosing that race at that time was meeting a fellow princess-in-training who lived in a land not too far away from us. Her name is Laural.

WDW13 141

And as you may have noticed, along the way, she has become a fixture by my side at every major start line. We ran for our Coast to Coast together in 2014, going back-to-back with Tinker Bell and Princess race weekends, and we have done countless other local races as well. The 3 of us together have more laughs than should be legal on our BRF race weekends and we have long called her the honorary 3rd princess on the run. As we welcome in 2015, we thought this was a perfect time to royally declare it and announce that she will be a regularly featured blogger on our site! We know you will love her as much as we do.

~Princess Jodi


laural fam

My running story started a few years ago. I was struggling with the frustrations of having two kids and a job that made me unhappy. To get away from the stress at home, I’d drink with friends. I was miserable and tired and angry.

One night I had a dream that I was running. The image stuck with me. So I joined a gym and hopped on a treadmill. It was tough and it hurt. But I would leave those runs feeling better. Eventually I bought an iPod and started running outside. I felt awkward and ugly, but I did it.

I decided that if I ever ran a 10K, I would run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. One day I decided I was ready and I signed up for a local 10K. The furthest I’d ever run was 6K. That was the hardest race I’ve ever run. It also showed me that when I decide to do something, I can.

aug25 019

I set my sights on the Princess Half and it was in training that I met my BRFs and two of the most wonderful women I know: Princess Jodi and Princess Alana. We met at my 2nd 10K race (above) and instantly bonded over the fact that they wore matching outfits, and I brought tiaras which they happily wore! Our friendship solidified while training for the Princess and I now consider Jodi and Alana my 2 BRFs.

midsummer 026

Since Princess 2013, I’ve run several other races with Jodi and Alana (more with Jodi) and I’ve run numerous alone.

laural marathon

Last year my goal was to run my first full marathon at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I found a coach and focused on a goal and my two BRFs were there supporting me the whole way! I know I’m a new addition to this blog and I’m so grateful to share this journey.

A bit more about me…

Favourite Running Song: Brave

Favourite Place to Run: I have a path that takes me by the lake in Oakville and along a waterfront path. I run past the lighthouse and I love it.

Favourite Run Ever:  Last training run before my marathon – I saw so many running friends and was cheered on by a few elites when I passed them.

Best Race: I loved the Princess Half. I preferred the Tink Half course. But nothing beats a first half marathon in Disney World! (Can you spy Jodi aka Sleeping Beauty in this picture?)

snow white laural

Worst Race: Oakville Half Marathon 2013. It was comically bad.

Favourite Running Moment: Crossing my first 10K finish line! I trained alone. And as I ran up that hill to the finish line, I lost a lot of emotional baggage. It was amazing.

Must Have Running Accessory: Comfy shoes and my iPod. Garmin is great too, but I enjoy not having it sometimes.

Favourite Indulgence: Pre-race pasta

Favourite Disney Princess: Snow White

Favourite Disney Fairy: Vidia. She’s badass.

Next Goal Race: Around the Bay 30K


Princess Laural

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