Getting Through a Slump

By Princess Laural

Confession time: I’m in a total running slump. And not just a running slump. I’m in a healthy eating, moving my butt, being healthy or wearing-anything-other-than-yoga-pants-when-I’m-home slump. And, it’s a hard one to shake.


In October, I ran a marathon. It was amazing. But, that was October. Since that time, well, motivation has been lacking. Leading up to the big day, I had dreams of “only” running 10K or shorter for a while, until I found the next big race, and then I’d start a new training cycle. Instead, I didn’t run even 1 kilometre. I took an entire month off. I quit the yoga studio I’d been a part of, in order to join a gym I haven’t gone to. And let’s just say that, with the exception of a month where I was focused on clean eating, French fries replaced carrot sticks, and the all-too-familiar diet coke replaced GU.

It has not been a good scene.

As for my running friends? I’m embarrassed when I compare their actual marathons to my Netflix marathons (although Sons of Anarchy is wonderful).

But, finally I’ve had enough. I’m not going to cite the number on the scale as my reason to get my butt back in gear. I have no reason other than I’m just doing it. One annoyingly slow step at a time.

laural fridge

The first thing we’ve done as a family is commit to eating healthy foods, eating together as a family as much as possible, and not eating in front of the TV. Because yes, we are all lazy right now.

We’ve also committed to training for a family 5K. Okay, that is a bit easier for me than for the rest of my crew, but I strongly believe that when we’re healthier as a family, we’re happier.

And then there’s the running.

A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer. She and I met running, and have stayed friends since. She was my pacer at the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon, she rescued me in a challenging 30K last summer, and we’ve run other races together since. If there’s one thing I can say about this friend, it’s that she’s always smiling and happy. Even as she faces some scary times right now.


One of the things that she does is she commits to a running streak. For the past 1,500 days, she has run at least a mile per day, no matter what. So, in her honour, I’m starting my own streak. No matter what, I’m running 2 miles a day.

Yes. It’s a far cry from the 26.2 miles I did in October. But, guess what? I’ve finished each run with a huge smile on my face. And, as I ran last night, I realized something. The piece I’ve been missing? Oh yeah, it’s loving it. The love of running.

laural treadmill

So, here I am. Restarting. I’m not going on any sort of special diet or cleanse. I’m not training to meet a special time. I’m eating to be healthy and I’m running to be happy. The rest, as they say, is just details.

Interested in joining the running streak? The more the merrier! Commitment is whatever sort of streak you decide you want to do, and the timeline is pretty much up to you.

love what you do

Want to read more about training slumps? Check out Princess Jodi’s past blog on how to beat them too.

Tell Us: Have you ever come back from a slump? How did you do it?

13 thoughts on “Getting Through a Slump

  1. Hey if you ever really wanted to visit Iowa (oh HAHAHAH .. ha) I’m doing (or trying to do) my first half marathon in September. Thanks for always being an inspiration!! (You also just inspired me to get back to my writing which I’ve neglected considerably).

  2. Wow this is really inspiring! I feel like i am in a big working out slump right now i wake up early but i turn on the workout video and just end up stretching! haha

    I love how you set a lot of goals and you are doing them with your family and supporting each other that is definitely the way to do it. You are really gonna get somewhere with this! I want to set a goal that no matter what i’m going to atleast do a half hour of workout each morning, no matter what kind it is (:

    How did you get back into the mindset of loving running again? I want to love it again!

    • It’s hard to love running when it’s so cold outside! I started to love it again because I stopped being so focused on a goal that I couldn’t attain, or that I just didn’t want. I think the idea of short runs, with music I like and, knowing that there’s no stress to do more. It’s funny because every run I approach with “it’s just 2 miles and you can walk it” and every run I hit 2 miles and keep going … and don’t walk it.
      I love a goal, but right now I’m struggling to keep up with life, so I’m okay with little goals.
      As for the family thing … I’m excited about it! We may even get the dog involved!

      • That is the greatest idea to get the dog involved! It’s true it is going to take a while to be able to reach that point again but taking little steps at a time is how to do it! Thank you so much this really helps a lot!

        I would love to keep talking and hear of your progress! do you have a facebook? or my email is

  3. Haha that is so funny that she does that! sounds like she keeps you busy! Thanks I will definitely look you up! Alright I will keep watching to see how it all goes (:

  4. So glad I found this. Since returning from runDisney in January, the sustained sub-zero weather has just slayed me… and I’ve let it. My bones and sinews are crying out for movement, yet I crash on the couch after work. Even my dog knows something’s not right! In the last week, my meals took a precipitous drop into a pretty gross zone I haven’t seen in over 2 years. My dog relished the spoils of this though, as I hit my realization mid-way through last night’s bacon burger and gave the rest to her! Then I put on a pot of tea, cleared the kitchen of crap, and started fresh. Your blog was just the reinforcement I needed – thank you!

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