To Race Retreat or Not to Race Retreat

By Princess Jodi

At this very moment, princesses everywhere are playing in the parks at Disney World, with medals around their necks and official race merchandise on their tired bodies, as they celebrate their accomplishments this past weekend at the Princess Half-Marathon.


Last year, I was one of the them. The year before that too. This year I am celebrating that I got out of fetal position long enough to write this post. Not being there is hard, even if it was a measured decision. When you are a princess, it’s hard to “let it go”…

Since I missed the royal ball, I figured I might as well take this opportunity to run down memory lane and tell you all about Race Retreat. If you are a runDisney east coast runner, this may be something you have splurged on yourself – or contemplated when registering for a race. Race Retreat is an add-on you can purchase during Walt Disney World Marathon and Princess Half-Marathon Weekends. Is it worth it, you might ask? Well, I have done it both ways – with and without. And you kind of end up feeling like a “have” or a “have not.” A princess or an ugly stepsister.

race retreat

Princess Alana and I splurged on Race Retreat for the 2013 Princess Half-Marathon. It was our first half-marathon ever AND our first runDisney event, so we decided to go all out. Because we were both travelling with our families, we decided to purchase the Platinum ChEAR Squad for our loved ones so they could enjoy it too. Otherwise, they’d have been sitting outside the tent while we enjoyed a post-race breakfast and massage! So, if you will have your personal support crew on hand, this is something to consider: they need entry too, or you will probably rush through it and not get your money’s worth.

WDW13 175

Last year, I did not purchase it for the Half-Marathon, but was lucky to have it gifted to me for the Enchanted 10K, courtesy of runDisney and Another Mother Runner. Having done Disney races both ways, I would unequivocally say: DO IT. Is it ridiculously expensive? Yep. But it’s rather worth it to be treated like a princess. You have a climate-controlled place to gather and warm-up for the race, private portapotties (NO lines!), private bag-check, continental breakfast, stretching area, character appearances and a great party atmosphere. After the race, a hot breakfast is waiting for you, along with live race results, massage area and commemorative items (we got adorable Princess Half-Marathon flip flops and a sweat towel that now joins me on every treadmill run). I’m all about the royal treatment and this experience is it!


If you have your family with you, and choose to purchase the Platinum ChEAR Squad for them, they will be able to hang out in Race Retreat while you are running. There is a kiddie area with coloring and TVs, and they can enjoy the character meet and greets too. They can watch the finish line through the live feed right from the Race Retreat, or head outside to try and see you cross the mat. They also get special t-shirts, Mickey clappers and blankets. As well, they have dedicated places to cheer along the route (although my family didn’t take advantage of that perk). Most importantly, Race Reatreat becomes your reunion and celebration area after the race! It’s fun to have brunch with your family, grab some character photos, and relax after your big race before getting on with your Disney vacation.


When we didn’t splurge on the Race Retreat last year, I found the finish of the race a little anti-climactic. My family was on hand to meet me in the Reunion Area of the parking lot, but had to stand around waiting while I got a massage and then, with nothing else to do in the finishing area, we made our way to the buses which took FOREVER because 26,000 other princesses were also trying to leave the race and get back to their resorts. I much preferred being able to stay and play in Race Retreat. It’s the perfect place to celebrate right after the race and keep that party going! (And when you are done, the masses have cleared and buses are not such an issue.)


runDisney just keeps raising the price on Race Retreat which is why I opted out last year, as it is definitely expensive when you are buying for your whole family. If you are travelling on your own or with friends, I would recommend it without hesitation! If you have your own ChEAR Squad with you, it becomes a bigger decision and investment. But if you want the VIP treatment and will run better knowing that your family has a nice place to wait for you, it is probably worth it. It was a great experience for me and Alana with our families, making our fairytale finish even more fabulous!

WDW13 136

Tell Us: Have you done Race Retreat? Would you recommend it?

7 thoughts on “To Race Retreat or Not to Race Retreat

  1. I’ve only done two runDisney events so far, and I didn’t get the retreat option for marathon weekend. It’s a great extra, but I don’t really like hanging around after races unless I’m at the finish line and cheering on friends, so I feel like I would have something to eat and be on my way. We’ll see. I might change my mind if I do a girls’ trip to Princess.

    • I can see how it might seem like you are not missing out if you haven’t done it. We did it backwards by getting it the first year, and skipping it the second time – by then, we knew very well what we were missing! However, I will say that for back-of-packers, you may not have enough time after the race to enjoy everything. I have seen that feedback from some runners. It worked well for us though, and I’d love to do it again.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I did not get it when running my first half last year but was considering it in the future. There’s many things like that, expensive but can be worth the price.

    This post would be great for the #MagicalMickey linkup I host each week. It’s a Disney-centric linkup every Monday. Stop by my blog if you’d like to add your link. Hopefully it’d help find some people find your post. Happy I found yours through Team runDisney.

  3. I did race retreat year but I actually regret it this. This is partially my own fault though. I overslept a little and wound up only having about half an hour to enjoy the perks before the race started. After the race my children were melting down and my husband was more than ready to hit the road so we could fly back that afternoon. In all that chaos I never made it back after the half was done. I’m considering doing Wine and Dine or one of the California races for my next Disney run so we will see then. Now it’s time to come back to reality and get ready for my next local runs!

  4. Great point on making sure to get your family the platinum chEAR package. I didn’t do that when I got my race retreat and I enjoyed it before the race, but just rushed in and out afterwards because I didn’t want to leave my husband out in the parking lot too long.

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