Running Mojo: Keeping It Up

By Princess Alana

When Princess Laural posted about her recent running slump, my first thought was that she is human!!! I was so proud of her first marathon achievement, her training and dedication. And, Princess Jodi is the most committed and dedicated person I have ever met in my life. These Princesses, to me, make training and running look so easy. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could do their 30K later this month in high heels! For me, I have come to love my runs and really do miss it when I can’t get outside. But, I still have to really schedule and motivate myself to keep to a training plan.

Here is my what keeps me moving:

1) Surround yourself with POSITIVE people

I will never forget that phone call in February 2012 in which Jodi presented the idea of training to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon.  Ironically, it was on our journey to the Castle that we met and befriended Laural. What has ensued over the past three years is a true testament that with encouragement, dedication and a wee bit of fairy dust, dreams really do come true when you are surrounded by positive people.


2) Ignore the “Naysayers”

It really shocked me that there were people who, for whatever reason, weren’t supportive of my running pursuits. How could running produce a negative result? I am half-way to my goal weight, motivated by my daughters who have learned to be runners in their own right, and my hubby has completed two Tough Mudders. As a family, we chose a race weekend for all of us as a family vacation. We choose to be outside, hiking and running the trails. Some of my good friends have began running and, when we can’t run together, we miss it.  I am happier and healthier than I was in my twenties.  So I say, let the haters hate – hate – hate!

3) Find Balance

There is a theme right from the very start of my blog posts about finding balance. So many people comment to me that they could never train for a 5K, let alone a half-marathon. Three short years ago, I was one of those people.  Finally, I had to stop talking, quit complaining and just run.  Albeit, I don’t complete every run on my training guide, but I do my best which leads me into the next pice of advice…


4) Forgive Yourself

For me, I don’t know if it is good old fashioned Catholic guilt that perpetuates my emotions if “life happens” and I am unable to get out to run that day.  Whatever it is, I have learned to live in the moment and forgive myself for not being perfect.  If my child gets sick, or my hubby is working a crazy long shift, I try to adjust my training plan as best as I can.  My goal is to run outside three times a week.  If life happens, I adjust my goals to include cross training on the elliptical machine or dancing.


5) Live in the Moment

Literally, this is the best mantra that keeps me focused in running and in life. I got to listen to Another Mother Runner’s Dimity McDowell speak in Disney World and she asked us about our running mantras. What keeps you going when you hit the wall?  For me (I can already picture Jodi and Laural reading this with disgusted faces), I do my multiplication times tables – really! I am a math geek. But my mantra, is just RUN, RUN, RUN.  Live in the moment. Literally, I focus on the sights, smells and physical feeling of that moment. And, I know that that moment will pass. So instead of wishing them away, I embrace them for whatever they are. Because at the end of the day, these are the moments that make up our life. If you are interested in the power of running mantras, check out Princess Jodi’s post about why everyone needs one.


6) Beat the Blues

Jodi and Laural are experiencing the running blues as they missed running the Princess Half-Marathon this year. I know that feeling all too well as my only Disney race has been the Princess Half-Marathon.  It can be humbling to not be a part of such magical running goals. However, for me, part of balancing running and family is setting goals that best meet the needs of my family. And I feel no sadness as I am right where I want to be in my life. I beat the blues by being grateful for what I have. And, on those long runs on the weekend, those memories made en route to the Castle are ones that I treasure.


7) Set a goal

My running history is a testament that I must have a shiny piece of bling to train for. I specifically schedule all my runs and physical activity into my calendar. You see, I have NOTHING to complain about: my partners in crime, Princess Jodi and Princess Laural, are training for the 30K Around the Bay! But, I will be there every step of the first 10K as I run in a three-person relay.

Tell Us: How do you stay motivated to run?  Please share so we can continue to support one another!


One thought on “Running Mojo: Keeping It Up

  1. Oh Alana!!! I love you and miss you, and this post made me cry. You are such an awesome inspiration to me, and remind me all the time to find the fun in everything. Well, except multiplication tables because that’s INSANE 🙂

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