Seeing The Light (Spring Training)

By Princess Laural

It’s no secret that this winter has been tough for me. It was colder than I anticipated (which is ridiculous since we’re in Canada), and I lost momentum after running my first marathon. Add in some life events that were way out of my control – a car accident, an unexpected diagnosis for my son, and a bigger workload – and running was an easy thing for me to let go. Recently, I started to hit my stride again, but needed a bit more.


Earlier this month, I went on a very uplifting and inspiring road trip where I laughed (and cried), and realized that I wasn’t alone. And I started to sense a change. I smiled on the drive home. I bought running stuff. I sampled new Nuun flavours. And, finally I’m seeing the light. I mean, I really am seeing the light, literally. Thanks to the time change, it’s 5 PM and sunny out. The days are getting longer, and I’m looking toward spring races.

And then this week, I got a message from my coach, and I knew it was time to plan my spring training. On a fairy long and admittedly emotional (on my end) phone call, we talked about where I was emotionally and physically, where I want to be, and what he recommends for me going forward. He also had the world’s coolest surprise for me, but I can’t share that yet.

So … here we go! My racing season is shaping up:

around the bay

Around the Bay 30K (March 29) – Time isn’t really the focus here, but I’m not allowed to say “I just want to finish” or “I’ll crawl to the finish line”. The goal for the race is to be confident, stick to a pace, negative split and believe in myself! (Jodi is probably laughing at the negative split goal … maybe if we walk the first 15K?)

Pittsburgh Half-Marathon (May 3) – This is my benchmark half for the season. We’ll come up with a plan, I’ll put in proper training in the weeks between races, and I’ll try to push the pace at the end. I’m kind of excited to really kick off the season.

Pittsburgh Marathon

A Speedy 10K (sometime before August) – I’m aiming for under an hour. Maybe the Sporting Life 10K in downtown Toronto? Gotta get on that. Need it for Disney corral placement!

Nike Women’s 15K (June 14) – Maybe jinxing us by putting it out there. But, we REALLY want to run this race. Sadly, it’s a lottery so we don’t know yet. I suspect it will be a similar course to the only other 15K we’ve ever done (A Midsummer Night’s Run), so I smell PR if we get in! Laces crossed.

My goal half-marathon (October) – It looks like I may do the Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon (I did the full last year). It’s a great course, it’s a wonderful time of year, and I know LOTS of people running that race. My time goal? It’s too early to set it, but based on my conversation with my coach, it’s going to be an aggressive goal that will take a lot of work. But, I’m feeling it.


RunDisney Wine + Dine Half-Marathon (November 7) – this is our celebration race!!! Yes, it’s a half-marathon and yes, we will train for it, but this is a race where time takes a backseat to friendship, laughter, costumes and really good pictures. We survived the mad dash to register, after all: the race is the easy part! We are also excited to be running Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5K earlier that same day with our families.

Tell Us: who else has been hit with Spring Fever? And what are your upcoming goal races?

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