Winning the Nike Lottery

By Princess Jodi

Remember that time we entered the Nike DC lottery and didn’t get in? And took it totally personally and grew a chip on our shoulders for Nike? Well, now we’re in a full-on LOVE AFFAIR with Nike because we are officially running for Tiffany bling at the inaugural Nike Women’s 15K in Toronto this June!


When Nike announced that they were adding new races to their suite of events, the rumours started early on about Toronto being an option. But we didn’t believe it until it became official, at which point we marked our calendars for the lottery to open and hoped that this time would be different from the last. Laces crossed.

The thing about lotteries? So anti-climactic. I much prefer to the instant gratification (or agony) that comes with runDisney registration days. Because waiting and patience are just not my strong suits. We signed up within minutes of the lottery opening, only to sit on our hands for a month while we waited for the lottery to close and the random draw to take place. Luckily, we had this little 30K race called Around the Bay to occupy us

The lottery actually closed the day of Around The Bay. The week following The Bay, as we were resting and recovering, was spent watching our emails in hopes of any news from Nike. Even as the very thought of running a single step pained me, I longed for that coveted invitation to run 15K.

tiffany boxes

The news took ALL WEEK to come in. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Checking my online status. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Hurry up, Nike. Tell me NOW, Nike. Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeze, Nike. Sigh.

Although we were told we’d hear on OR BY April 3, soon enough it was the morning of April 3 and still no news. It was Good Friday, but would it be a GOOD Friday? Play with my kids. Check my email. Watch a TV show with my kids. Check my status. Make a meal. Check my email. Clean up a meal. Check my status. Until all of a suddden, my refresh showed something different. Something beautiful…

Nike lottery

I whooped with joy (scaring my kids – and my cat) and, like a giddy child high on sugar, I started dancing around the room before messaging my friends who had entered to alert them that Nike had updated the lottery status. It was so much fun seeing all of my friends get the same fantastic news!

Princess Laural and I have wanted to run Nike forever. And now, it’s our turn. Right here, in Canada! Although we had a week to officially register and pay, it was done within moments. Our hotel was booked that same day. Costume planning began in earnest. And maybe a quick trip to a Nike store to outfit ourselves in Nike training gear. I mean, we NEEDED it, right?

Toronto Nike

Princess Alana will not be running as she has a family commitment that weekend. But Princess Laural and I will be there in all our sparkle and glory! We are so excited to see such great race brands coming to Canada. Who else will be running the streets of Toronto this summer? You bet we’ll be #betterforit!

8 thoughts on “Winning the Nike Lottery

  1. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I have to admit on my run yesterday on the hard parts I was envisioning that finish line. And what comes after the finish line … BLING!!! We will have SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! #betterforit

  2. Yipeee! How exciting!!! I didn’t realize they were still giving out the NIKE blink for this one-how awesome!!!

    I was sad that they took it out of DC but I guess that means I need to travel now for the NIKE bling :).

    Have fun!

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