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In February 2012, fate intervened (or maybe it was just the power of Facebook)…reconnecting two friends and sending them on a journey of a lifetime. Just like a kiss to a toad, we set a year long goal to transform our lives through running. Specifically, as Princesses-in-training, we set our sights on Disney’s Princess Half Marathon 2013. Our goal was not just to complete it, but to do it with sparkle! This blog chronicles our journey from mothers to two princesses on the run, chasing a dream.

WDW13 135

WE DID IT!!! We reached our impossible goal! Read Princess Jodi’s race recap here and Princess Alana’s race recap here.

Many thanks to our amazing and supportive ChEAR Squad who allow us to lace up and hit the pavement, and are always there on race days to bolster our spirits. We could not do it without our princesses-in-training Presley, Luisa and Luana; Prince Edward & Prince(ss) Paige; and Fairy Godmother Karen. They are the pixie dust beneath our wings!

WDW13 046

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