Princess Alana


I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a teacher and a mother.  Now, I am so very proud that I can add the Disney Princess Half Marathon Tiara to that title.  No matter what “hat” or “crown” I am wearing, I know it is my actions that speak louder than words.  For me, that action is hitting the pavement consistently with my GV Gals or at night when dh literally kicks me out the door. 

There is nothing like running in a Disney race.  In fact, I amazed myself when I ran my second half marathon in T.O. without the fireworks.  I would love to run the TINK  if my work and life schedule will allow it.  This year, I look forward to some “girl getaways” and a family race weekend.  

Favourite Running Song: “Pumped Up Kicks” (This song just DOES something to me and I will listen to it at the start, 3km, 8km and last leg of a race!)

Favourite Place to Run: My loop around my house. (Really, because I do it so often and at the same time, the neighbours actually cheer as I go by. Now, a water station would be nice!)

Fastest Race: Sydenham Lakeside 10 km.  Never in a MILLION YEARS did I think I could actually complete 10 km in under 1hr 20 min. – I DID IT! OH, WHAT A FEELING!

Worst Race: I RAN GAN (only because trying to complete 10km with food poisoning is not nice!)

Favourite Running Moment:  When I decided to keep going after a 7 km run to complete 10km only to run home to find my Dad there.  He was so proud – even at 36!  If I would have cut out early, I would have missed running into my Dad’s arm’s.  (He too used to run.)

Must Have Running Accessory: NOT MY RUNNING BELT!!!!  But, my new pink hand held. Also, I recently realized the importance of good shoes: Love you Ascics GEL-Nimbus® 14 !

Favourite Indulgence: Glass of Wine and cheese plate.

Favourite Disney Princess: Merida: Her bravery, independence and self awareness is refreshing to see in a Disney Princess. As well, I teach Highland Dancing and absolutely love anything Celtic or PLAID!


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