Princess Laural

laural belle

There’s a new princess in town! Meet honorary 3rd princess on the run, Laural…

Favourite Running Song: Brave

Favourite Place to Run: I have a path that takes me by the lake in Oakville and along a waterfront path. I run past the lighthouse and I love it.

Favourite Run Ever: Last training run before my marathon – I saw so many running friends and was cheered on by a few elites when I passed them.

Best Race: I loved the Princess Half. I preferred the Tink Half course. But nothing beats a first half marathon in Disney World!

Worst Race: Oakville Half Marathon 2013. It was comically bad.

Favourite Running Moment: Crossing my first 10K finish line! I trained alone. And as I ran up that hill to the finish line, I lost a lot of emotional baggage. It was amazing.

Must Have Running Accessory: Comfy shoes and my iPod. Garmin is great too, but I enjoy not having it sometimes.

Favourite Indulgence: Pre-race pasta

Favourite Disney Princess: Snow White

Favourite Disney Fairy: Vidia. She’s badass.

Next Goal Race: Around the Bay 30K

Follow Laural on Twitter at @lauraldawn!

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